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I'm actually having fun with this stupid game and I think I know why: There's no fucking building and sniper rifles SUCK. You can either be a spaz kid and rush goodies and go for content, or you can be slow and steady and get to the final round with great gear and have an innate advantage.

Also for some reason I'm thinking #StopBlasianHate?
#BlasianLivesMatter #StopBlasianLives?

My major complaint is that it's genuinely a hideous fucking game. I don't even know how to describe it, but it has this engine feature which makes everything look like one of those military camo canopies? There is progressive render quality scaling to maintain 60FPS, and when things are still loading, the game looks FUZZY. You scope into a new area and it just looks like a picture made from confetti or tile mosaics. Super hard to explain but it's really fucking ugly and all modern games have it.
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The US Government is like a passive aggressive woman. It has this pesky 'constitution' and 'judicial branch' so it just finds the most annoying ways to inconvenience people who they don't like.

This is how China operates. Contrary to popular belief, they rarely just black bag people. What they do instead is make unwanted behavior very annoying.

If you do something they don't like, you lose privileges. Not rights, mind you. Flying isn't a basic human right. Processing credit cards isn't a basic human right. So what do you have to complain? You can't. Don't want to have privileges revoked, better behave.

This is your future - masks are just building your tolerance to compliance.
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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri (2017)
A movie about very interesting characters, which is my favorite kind of movie. Many would not like it simply because they don't like some individuals or actions, or they don't care for their motivations. What matters to me is that the actions make sense and that their motivations make sense -- at least to the character. In this, Three Billboards excels.

A woman, whose daughter was raped and murdered, puts up three billboards outside her town of Ebbing, MO. They ask a simple question: "Raped While Dying", "And Still No Arrests?", "How Come, Chief Willoughby?".

This question sets up a chain of reprisals which carry the plot of the film. The ending shot is lingering, and you're left wondering about a long of philosophical issues the movie touches on. Most importantly, the film asserts that actions motivated by anger result in more anger and it is never productive.

This is, in my life, very important and something I try to keep in mind as I deal with problems inflicted by angry individuals I could conceivably respond with anger in return. It's usually not worth it.

Anyways, good movie. She kind of reminds me of my mom and my mom would probably find her based. I'll probably recommend it to her. Watch it if you like character studies.
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No stream today
1) I'm feeling burned out.
2) Not much happened besides politics.
3) Dealing with the Tomlinson case.
4) Need to move podcast feed to madattheinternet.com and self-host because of deplatforming issues.

Sorry to disappoint. I'll try to make up for it next week.

[Fediverse Addendum]
George Floyd was a nigger and I'm not sorry he's dead, but I'm not terribly surprised by his conviction. The Jury was selected from the city, so they know acquitting him means the city will burn down.

I also believe that Chauvin acted recklessly by not allowing him first aid after Floyd went limp. If there was any hope for George to live, it was definitely stomped out by refusing other police officer's requests to look at his condition. I don't think Chauvin intended to kill him, nor do I think that he actually did (the Fent did), and I also don't think it was racially motivated. I just don't think he cared if he died, and that is a significant factor in his conviction.

I am more sorry for the four other police officers who are now going to stand trial for assisted homicide and have their lives ruined because they didn't do anything wrong.

My tweet that got me banned (again) is attached. It's about the black teenager that got shot during an attempted murder. I've said this before, repeatedly, but if you're a white cop in a city (especially ones with significant black populations) you're a retard. Just resign. Ask for a transfer. Do anything besides wait to be arrested and lynched by a mob.

Some other musings:
MLP artist was arrested in 2018 for possession of 60,000 articles of child pornography. He got 28 months, roughly 20 minutes per article.

I don't know enough about EDP445 to comment on him being set up by some predator catching group. I did use a sound clip of his for a video a long time ago. Not going to delete it because fuck that. Just beware of these predator groups: they are ran by GENUINELY DANGEROUS, INSANE PEOPLE. They have a sexual attraction to the power and control that comes from ruining people, and it just so happens that they do it to the only people who are more universally despised than they are.

Jeffery Star is a fag but I remember playing Habbo Hotel and this song was popular with girls in that game. (Medic Droid was his band)

On that note, a Tranny Ranch stream might be worth doing. I'd need help with it though.
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Trovo worked very well. Ironically, it kept going after YouTube shit itself. Hopefully it's based and chingchongpilled.
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Brian P. Brooks, the Comptroller of Currency, announced he was stepping down from the office at the exact same time the new regulation was announced.


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Testing a LBRY upload. They apparently are rolling out a streaming service. I'll give it a try.

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Banks are allowed to terminate anyone at any time for any reason or no reason (which will always be a closed door 'trade secret' regardless), then put you on an anti-competitive blacklist shared by other networks.

Bitcoin lets you buy drugs so lets regulate the fuck out of that.
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