Last time I read it, it was around 10 years ago, maybe more, and I was an edgy kid. Was kinda worried that I grew out of it, but nope. Still great and extremely relevant. And kinda scary about how many things it got right.

Why is vol. 6 of Transmetropolitan always out of stock? I need that shit to complete my collection!

I'm thinking of getting the COVID vaccine. If it was bad, or had bad sideffects, it would shown by now, right?

I do find it funny this got resolved on Hitler's birthday. Take that Hitler!

Got a radio controlled clock for the first time in my life.
Looked at the back, but I couldn't find a dial to set it, and was freaked out when it started randomly spinning.
After reading about how the RADIO CONTROLLED clock, listens for RADIO signals and sets itself, my first thought was "Holy shit, we live in the future!"

Everyone is pro-diversity until it's time to pay up!
"Super proud to have a diverse team of people all around the world!"
"Do you pay them the same amount based on their skill level, regardless of their location?"
"As I said, SUPER PROUD!"

"Human connection is important", yeah, no shit sherlock, what gave it away? Millions of years of evolution? Societies being built by people working together?
These people are so high of their own farts, they're in the stratosphere.

When you're young, there is only work. I'm really glad that some people live in this fairy-tale land of "you don't have to work as hard", but most people do. And assholes getting on their soapbox (like I am right now!), telling me the importance of human connection, is pandering to an insane degree.

Rich youtubers and "entrepreneurs" telling me that I need to "work less and value connections more" have no connection with reality.

""Yeah we saw that your machine still has 2 megabytes of ram not in use, don't worry, we'll take care of it""

by TheWheatSeeker

Today in Historical Things That White Men Did™️ :

1827 English chemist John Walker invents wooden matches

This has been your moment of White Men are Historically Awesome for the day.

I would call these growing pains, but it's not that young of a project. I'm still rooting for it though.

Also, came across a reddit post asking how to use the API. The answer from the team was basically "idk, just look at the network tab, lol", and then just ignored the guy

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