I’m gonna make a jungle juice and I’m gonna buy a bunch of weed edibles for my birthday next month. I didn’t realize just how many friends I actually have until I counted them all in my head when I was planning my party.

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1. Find cute girl on the street
2. Drug her and apply grease paint
3. ???
4. Profit

@AnFashSchizo I have one of those gas masks, they’re really neat.

If anyone was wondering, it was Niggas who was is Paris

@Publius I witnessed this today, it’s a major major red flag for me. I truly can not understand the thought process of someone who would do that.

@Publius glad your public relations with pull-ups is improving, the pull-up lobby is very strong

I’ve made a horrible mistake, I’ve drunk a monster but I’ve also exhausted myself so all I can do is lay here but I can’t sleep. I’ve been working all day and moving all of my furniture to move out after I got home.

@OpNeptuneRedux1 a good burrito has a sear on the seam to stop separation, also the place most likely to come apart is the bottom!

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