We had a “Safety Meeting” behind the restaurant I work at which was actually everyone including the chef passing a joint around after a rough night.

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@tomboyceo Ah is it true that chefs call whoevers in charge chef because that is how they are, I used to do martial arts with a chef and he'd call people better than him chef, it was silly because I can barely cook.

@tomboyceo dont forgive my lack of comas I am drinking and should be shamed appropriately, not that it will fix my drinking but my grammar

@tomboyceo the guy I trained with was a real chef, he called everyone head chef it was silly. He was an old practioner but had been focusing on his real job

@MasterSimper I’ll only call someone chef if they are #1 an actual professional culinary worker at that top level or #2 my boss that signs my checks and wants to be called chef

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