@tfmonkey this guys is definitely rich enough to bring his family over & buy them houses if he values their company that much. This is almost Qanon levels of cope.

@uncles_lumbago @tfmonkey

I sometimes look him up on twitter and he has a aisan wife who breeds dogs for a living. It's like the libertarian guys with aisan wives meme.

Also he donated a piano to an orphanage recently. Which is probably more charitable than any of these people have been in their lives.

British people are just coping with the fact that he called them all commies and that it's there own fault they are trapped in this shithole

@uncles_lumbago if you don't let the parasites feed on you, you're a psychopath, thus evil, thus deserving of punishment.

@tfmonkey don't make the case, ever. make the move! you don't reasoning with people who depend on the government to keep their standard of living.

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