Its so funny comparing Dave Ramsey to the UK equivalent which is a guy called Martin Lewis.

Martin Lewis basically just tells people how to get on welfare, to buy government bonds and to buy insurance. He gets his own TV show. While Dave Ramsey telling people to save money by minimising spending and pay off debts is relegated to YouTube

@Publius He had a TV show (don't know if it's still on the air) and he has a radio show.

@Publius @tfmonkey Fuck Martin Lewis, he is the destroyer of businesses and gifter to grifters.

@Publius @tfmonkey He single handedly introduced the TV watching public to the idea of lying about what they received on ebay, amazon, etc about a decade ago. Threatening chargebacks, all the shizz.

Thankfully, the markets did wisen up to his ways over time.

@kaede_waifu @tfmonkey

When lockdowns started last year he was telling people on live television how to game the furlough system.

@Publius @tfmonkey What a gosh darned cunt. Glad I got rid of that TV license thing years ago, haven't missed the damn thing since.

@kaede_waifu @tfmonkey

Its included in my rent along with the rest of my utilities. But yeah, I'm not going to pay to watch government propaganda.

@Publius @tfmonkey Except he's costing people money by telling them to get into high-interest, short-duration mortgages. Also, his equities investment advice kind of sucks.
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