Hmm there's been a spike in sirens around my house wonder what that's about 🤔

Fuck and I had all this riot gear at the ready

Nothing beats taking a nice meaty shit that leaves you feeling good for the rest of the day.

Wait I'm special needs that was last year

I've never celebrated patriots day, but next year it will be on hitler's birthday

I made this account thinking I'd never touch it again.
Now I realize there is no escape.

Xfinity marketing their shitty mobile service as 'breaking free' makes me wish biblical amounts of harm to everyone involved with this campaign.

'fascism' is the modern man's 'counterrevolution'

The Democratic Party from the top down is signalling to millions of people in the Minneapolis area and beyond that they can organize and carry out repression and military occupation better than Trump ever could. Its imperative we make people understand this material reality.


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