@TouchBalls69 this is like a downs slap fighting a spina bifida. Just use whatever language you have expertise in.

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@TheRealist @Nike @MechaSilvio facing trial. The judge agreed to seal most documents, and proceedings.
She was trying to get out of jail by claiming fear of coof and, I think, something about backed up sewer in her cell.

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Gay people ruined anal sex for all us normal people that just like to see women in pain.

Completely lost. How do mostly female workplaces function?

With the constant in fighting, non-stop social media fuckery, constant calling in sick, randomly changing their hours every 2 weeks, spontaneous vacations, and "mental health" days.
I have 0 fucking idea how anything useful ever happens.
Should employers get a tax break for hiring women ala hiring special needs workers?

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@TouchBalls69 it's lack of focus and lack of a plan.
Stop, turn everything off. Sit down and figure out where you want to end up and where you're at. Make a plan to connect the 2.
Alternately, if you're staring at some obscure firmware example then spacing is a natural response. Power thru.

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The Chauvin case will be the first in a series of increasingly retarded cases where the real crime is making black people mad.

@tfmonkey further elaboration on the problems are met with "That shouldn't be possible" or "It doesn't work that way. I know it."

If you know it, why are we having this discussion?

This is what happens when physicists and managers end up running things.

@tfmonkey It's Sparkplug, an embellishment on MQTT.
No one I'm speaking to has ever used MQTT in any capacity or even read the spec, yet they all claim expertise on the matter.
I'm 80 hours deep on trying to explain how Sparkplug smooths things out.

Any explanation is met with technobabble. "Don't you use protobuf to json your data into IOTCore?"

All executive knowledge is gained by skimming the top 3 google results while standing at the urinal.

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socialized single payer medical system but deny all services to the obese

there i solved heatlthcare

Going on 80 hours of meetings for something that took all of 4 hours to setup and get working.
The people "trying to understand" have never worked with the base protocol and have 0 understanding of it. Yet, complain when they don't understand the embellished version we're working with.

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@GymratTim the more intense leg days nearly force you to shit before you're done.

The headline read: "We're the tonsils of the internet": buzzfeed reporter shares Facebook content moderator resignation.

Apt metaphor. Tonsils are only good for extra feeling during throat fucking. The second they cause a problem, removal is the best course of action.

The headline should read: "* studies major rage quits job and whines about it to their coffee group."

@genetic_failure now it looks like a grosser version of Santa Monica from Vtm:Bloodlines 2. Life imitates art.

@DFens because you could mutate the virus with your filthy, non-modified RNA and kill someone by coughing on them because you're sick and don't know it!

That's a near actual argument that was screamed at me.

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