TLDR: Kroger wants those black faces covered. Not white people though.

Holy goddamned shit. when 60% of the US calendar is now devoted to sodomy awareness, how much more visibility do you need?

Can't tell if real woman or troon. Could very well be rectal semen repository.

I really want to pay maintenance and upkeep on a woman and not get the occasional piece of ass because she's too blown out from "working" all day.

You aren't a monolith, you're a life support system for a nude generator app.

This is the only way to get these hoes to vote up payment processors as the biggest problem in the universe.

I can only pray that no one DM'd her.
Or that she fucked her dealer with a negotiation skill of 1.

Working on myself means learning to love myself, by hating everyone else even more.

Always a good start to a technical meeting:
Boss: When are you getting vaxxed?
me: ... ... ... ... NEVER.

Pozzed coworkers aren't required to mask. Most of corporate is pozzed. Some are back to double masking (to protect the unpozzed).

Had the fucking bug.

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