The Climate potato with fetal alcohol syndrome, is fighting back by eating polluters by the looks of it.

how much you wanna bet all asceticism throughout history has been rooted in misogyny? tfw bitches are too damn crazy and im moving to the mountains and growing my own food.

Democracy is all about crying, bitching, and moaning about politicians doing a bad job, and then voting the very same politicians again and again every time there is an opportunity to do so, and then crying, bitching, and moaning until the next election (in which, you obviously vote for the same people again).

A modern Tempest remake.
Prospero is franzia played by a giant box of wine wielding a bottle of Xanax.
Caliban is a rescue pit.
Ariel is an Uber/Amazon delivery driver.
Miranda is a Mary Sue, who's only problem is being too perfect! She's not a drug addled arts major with 150k in student loan debt.
Ferdinand is an unnamed fuck boy Miranda met on Twitter.

@sloppyhog the greatest day of my life will be when fats are demonised by society for "being a drain on health services" like the unvaxxed are now.

Why pay for the milk when you can finish in the cow?
Or half dead horse in this case.

Shot. Chaser.
I can't imagine why people hate troons.
Being encouraged to inflict permanent damage (yes, hormone blockers likely do permanent damage) on one's self for the sole purpose of not hurting feelings.

I'm for bullying. Not down with gay, incest, tranny mouth rape.

I'm not pro fat. I'm rabidly anti fat. I want you to fucking shrink, STFU, or fall apart due to beetus.

There's only room for one planet, not a constellation of ham planets.

Take the worst aspects of unlocking a phone.
Glue it to a gun.
Expect shit tier hardware to take the physical strain of repeated shots.
Fail horribly.
Gin up hype among the chattering class.
This will only achieve acceptance via law.
If Maryland or California are any guide, this garbage will be mandatory in certain areas.

Laughing at the Patriot Front really annoys people who LARP online at being a fascist Ive found lol

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