AAAAAAHHHH OH NO They're selling ivermectin in Hong Kong! Quick some brave MSNBC viewer, they need you to fly over there and tell them it's horse medicine! They must not know any better!

I'm not prepared to see time destroy Tom Cruise. I say we let him keep using Epstein’s supply of virgin blood.

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If you are capable of making videos like this I am imploring you to make them MORE OFTEN. ALL DAY. EVERY DAY.
this is how you change culture


When they tell me that I'm responsible for the next new variant.

I will embrace it and tell them that life is survival of the fittest and we'll soon see who that is.

In this country, we have the freedom to elect people to take our rights away!

You stupid bastards don't get it. It's entirely voluntary. If you don't volunteer to take the clot shot you'll be voluntarily separated from your job.

Her name is Croake.

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Skinny with big boobs is truly an amazing body type

So dangerous! They got my parents addicted to alcohol!

Smoke 'em if you got' em! Smokers win again you faggots.

Daily active smokers are infrequent among outpatients or hospitalized patients with COVID-19. Several arguments suggest that nicotine is responsible for this protective effect...Nicotine may inhibit the penetration and spread of the virus and have a prophylactic effect in COVID-19.

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