@tfmonkey I think affection/acceptance is much a part of it. (When a female has sex she is implicitly showing "acceptance" of you, right?)
Especially when we are deprived of a form of acceptance, as young boys. It affects organic personal development and colors the perception of the world. You are behind the curve. Perhaps, I just miss my mom... rather the idealistic perception of what I hoped she was.

As adults, men seek out what we were deprived of, as young boys.

@tfmonkey perhaps, it is the blend? Cotton/lycra/polyester? Boxer brief is choice, but sometimes the tradeoff is support; under armor has a boxer jock, with mesh, I use.

@tfmonkey TFM: I am an acquaintance with a Chinese gentleman; 58 yrs; 1st gen immigrant; broken English; confused about "American Dream"; just lost his job; moving back to Canada; is under visible physiological stress. I've had a very stern talk with him about certain life decisions he made i.e. marriage/kids/career strategy and his lack thereof. I've directed him to the Dao and gave him some Truth bombs about how now one is coming to save him. Any recommendations what I can leave him with? TY

Insomnia Insights

Just as our bodies require the stress of exercise or we become fat, weak, and unhealthy; our minds need stress as well. If we treat stress like a problem that needs to be solved, avoiding it whenever possible, we're going to become mentally unhealthy.

While problems still need to be solved, stress is not a problem, it's part of a necessary and healthy process.

Too much stress is bad, but so is too little stress. Seek balance rather than elimination.

Insomnia Insights:

Knowing the path is not the same as walking the path. While looking at a map to plan a journey is an important step, if all you do is look at maps, but never go anywhere, your journey never actually began. Take care not to use planning as a substitute for action.

If you're not motivated enough to take action, your goal isn't important enough to you. Be honest with yourself. If you really don't want something, that's okay. Why lie to yourself and waste your time?

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