As long as we're basing this on BMI. A 6'4" person can have a healthy weight of 220-250 based on how much they exercise (heavy gym users will weigh more due to muscle mass).

If we put a weight limit on women's right to vote, we would solve all of our problems overnight

@reddit_exile The first 3/4 is good. I gotta laugh at this guy's conclusion though. He describes the upsides and downsides of democracy, totalitarianism, and capitalism, but he brings up communism without mentioning its history of genocide and mass starvation.

I haven't played the game, but it seems like the followers of the apocalypse aren't strong militarily, so, at some point in the future, they'll be conquered by one of the other factions.

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👇🏻 This. That’s how absurd this all is.

This is for anyone that doesn't think Biden is a Communist.

Imagine needing to get your mouth literally bolted shut in order to not eat.

You've got to love when a dumb bitch dumps what she thinks is a killer zinger and then blocks you immediately because she can't actually handle bantz.

The only reason men are addicted to porn is because women can't stop fucking eating anymore. Everyone is a sexless shapeless blob and were supposed to turn off the hose of women who actually give a shit about being attractive and don't complain at us? You're losing that battle honey.


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