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This whole egirl thing reminds me of Futurama's Don't Date Robots infomercial.

Lesser men's minds have been tapped into and they can't help themselves any more. And they don't even get a Lucy liu sexbot!

Waifu lovers may also fall into this category.

@RekietaLaw One day you'll grow up and become a real lawyer boy =)

@RekietaLaw is having an angry stream after Youtube decided he was doing bad things.

We need rules and regulations to stop this fedaverse and podcasts from posting content we don't like!

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“Silicon Valley, collectively, globally, has said: look, we got you…we will track you for Covid tracing…it’s anonymous, don’t worry about, we fixed it. They can’t seem to fix it for other stuff…walk away from these platforms, people, walk away!” — @adam #noagenda 1319 #OTG

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If you're interested in learning about the technology behind #Podcasting2.0, Dave Jones knocks it out of the park on "Pragmatic"

Sometimes you wanna go,
hangout with all the knights & dames,
you wanna go where you won't be, triggered or held to blame,
you wanna be where everybody feels the same, it's just like a party.

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In the battle against not only should we all be wearing two masks but also a face shield. Even if we are alone in our cars.

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Thankyou @karlwatp. this WATP episode is creepy and it reminds me of work... you ruined my Sunday!

Repeat after me "The company is keeping its employees safe and healthy" ... "The company is keeping its employees safe and healthy" ... "The company is keeping its employees safe and healthy"

Ever hear the same new story coming from different sources all with the same verbiage? It's not a conspiracy, it's a native advertisement - (thanks @adam )

Two! Two! To masks instead of one. and wear your mask

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