I've been pretty bummed out, about life and stuff

So has the War on Terror officially become Vietnam 2 or are we in for some spin offs

Came across this the other day. Thought you guys might get a kick outta it

I remember the pre-plague times in sepia tone

When I grow up I wanna be like Sean

How late is too late to respond to a toot?

I just heard "plant parent" off someone's Instagram

How do you tell if you are taking life too seriously?

Rest in peace John McAfee, you beautiful bastard. There are too few of your kind in this world.

The other day my sister called me the funniest and wisest person she knows. All my "humor" and "wisdom" come from podcasts and being miserable. I don't know how to take this.

Do you guys know any decent Crypto exchanges/markets that don't have kyc, or make you link a bank account. Asking for a friend haha

I don't know why but this gives me a special kind of feels


Does anyone have the pic of that school cop and the future school shooter that Dick mentioned last week? I wanna see it.

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