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Please call this number and tell them why you aren't getting the vaccine. Don't hold back, they think you're stupid.

And @karlwatp let them know you saw it here on mastodon when you go on next time.

@theblessing This is why I only listen to @karlwatp so I never have to risk hearing your weird Millennial monotony.

I needed a good laugh this Monday and Karl and Chrissy tear up these 2 elite fucks who are exploiting their children for fame and fortune. Probably Karl's best since I've been listening! I've decided to have my own parents give this a listen and prove there are worse parents in the world than me, who knows, maybe they'll let me visit for Christmas! jk


Brand new bonus episode now available! It's a crossover with the great Shuli Egar, formerly of the Howard Stern Show. The Stuttering John segment is one of our best ever.

This week we have Erik Nagel back on the show to review radio guys stumbling their way through podcasting, Patty vs. Jerry, Stuttering John, and Todd Pettengill's career.

Subscribe to listen or watch the latest crossover episode with @dickmasterson. Fat housewives talk about blowjobs, Patty C Cups thinks Dick is fat, and Maddox roasts vegetarians hard!

This bonus episode features a terrible podcast followed by Stuttering John's reaction to losing the lawsuit and Patrick Michael getting an email from Dick Masterson!

This week on WATP we learn what a tigerbelly is, how Stuttering John's SXM lawsuit is going, how drunk Alex Jones can get in public, and of course how much hair Opie has on his head. Take notes.

Brand new episode featuring shocking revelations from Stuttering John and Patrick Michael finding all new ways to fail at karaoke. This one features
Vinnie Paulino and Kevin. Happy Father's Day you two.

Brand new crossover episode with @creepoffpod cohost @VinniePaulino available now. Who brought the worse true crime podcast? Vote on either Patreon.

Please go vote for Sir Karl with a K. He needs your help crushing a fat loser socialist.

And listen to the creep off, a true crime podcast you want to listen to!


Brand new bonus just dropped with my buddy Vinnie Paulino and our mutual acquaintance Stuttering John Melendez. Learn all about his new lawsuits coming down the pike and the type of OCD he has (spoiler: it's the slob kind).

Wow, Sarah Silverman sure is confused about stuff. This week Cros, Vinnie, and Will Noonan join us to discuss Sarah, Josh Potter, Opie, and Patrick Michael. Patrick Michael saw me on Chip's show and decided to roast me good. Spoiler - I barely survive it.

I'll be going live on the Creep Off YouTube channel soon to fulfill my consequence. Stop by if you'd like.

Brand new episode featuring Doug from Who's Right and Kaya! Also, we start off with Opie Radio because, oh boy, Opie really went off on all of his former coworkers.

Brand new bonus crossover show with the Dick Show featuring @dickmasterson and Sean the LA based, world touring comedian. Brand new Patty C Cups (fun) and more of Maddox's book (ugh).

Happy Mother's Day or whatever. Brand new episode now available with the great Bryan Johnson from
Tell em Steve Dave and Missy B. We discuss Patrick Michael, Stuttering John, and Opie. This one is dedicated to your mom.

Yesterday Andy and Cros stopped by to record a bonus episode. It's show and tell time as we each present a terrible podcast to the class. Also, Patty BrokenSkull scorches me with some sick burns.

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