Brand new bonus is now available to our Patreon and Supercast subscribers. Stuttering John sat down for a 2 hour plus interview and boy did he drink! Cros joins me to break it all down. Plus there's some Patty C Cups updates.

This week we start our Jocktober celebration! Doug from Who's Right comes on to chat about Opie, Bubba, Patty C Cups, Jerry Banfield, and Stuttering John. It's a real star stunted event.

Brand new bonus episode and video now available. @VinniePaulino and I watched Stuttering John guest on Artie & Anthony in 2017. John has always been bad at taking a joke while making it impossible not to goof on him.

Turn down the games and turn up WATP. This week we're talking about cumb dunts who talk true crime, Stuttering John shitting on Jackie Martling, Opie trying to interview Jackie Martling, and our new review girl rivalry.

Just dropped the 13th crossover episode, including video (sorry about that) between WATP and The Dick Show. Also, Vinnie Paulino from the Creep Off joins us (sorry about that).

This week's episode comes early so I can go to the Bills game. People we made fun of come back at us hard and Stuttering John has the greatest guest appearance of all time!

Brand new bonus show is now available with Branden from @ShittySongPod. We review a Patrick Michael podcast that was never released and get a surprise visit from the Phillie Phanatic himself!

This week on WATP - fat people talking about their sex lives, Patrick Michael pretending to be different people, Stuttering John trying to pronounce ivermectin, Opie hating NYC, and Vinnie may never return from Chicago.

We were live last night just outside of Chicago. Spoiler, the audio actually sounds good. I wasn't expecting that.

Everyone in the Chicago area, meet up tonight at Miller's Ale House around 7:30. Don't tell Cardiff or the SJ Army. We want this to be peaceful.

This week we resolve the feud we didn't know we had with Mike Boudet from Sword and Scale and laugh at jerks with Doug from Good Times Great Movies. Also, an interview with Mr. Vic, a future WATP review girl.

My new "Bella the Hero" video is doing pretty well on YouTube. 22% likes!

Brand new bonus episode is now available. Andy joins us as we discuss Steve-O, Chanel West Coast, Violent J, and the financial feminist Tori Dunlap.

Live show today with Anthony Cumia, 2p ET. Come listen live:

I never do this but someone is cheating for Vinnie lately so please go to and vote for me this week. I brought the bigger creep, I brought Jeffery Toobin.

Jam packed episode with hot sluts who podcast, Stuttering John's worst episode ever (for real), Patty C Cups, Opie B Cups, and Jay's Apartment. Also, Kyle calls in to debate who is less funny.

We are one month away from our first-ever live show -Saturday, August 28th. Come to Chicago! I don't care how far you have to travel. I'm coming from New York!

@bandrew @SirBemrose

That is a very interesting stat, thanks for sharing. Ryan and I had a chat with @karlwatp yesterday about the audience generation possibilities of having the podcast on YouTube.

Not sure it would be the same just slapping the audio file onto a static background, as your dual-camera setup is pretty sweet. But, it makes me think we might want to venture into recording video with our shows.

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