@VaxxersPostingTheirLs They are shedding all over us. They knew it would do this. They turned people into walking bioweapons and Alex Jones was right again. I remember a dude called into the show and said that he cleaned septic tanks and he said vaxxed households had a horrific smell not like shit but like chemicals he couldn't really describe it. We are being poisoned with these things and we might be already dead and not even know it.
I've watched 1200 different anime
I've got a collection of 45 dakimakuras
My wall is nothing but posters of various anime characters
I've got a 10 foot by 8 foot glass cabinet with 8000$ worth of figures
I own more manga than you'll read in your lifetime

I am specially trained in the arts of Wai Fu :comfyninja:
We tried to warn you. Reminder that vaccine shills are using a bio-weapon to harm and kill other people. Mocking, and shaming them is a duty you must uphold. If they ever put you in a self defense situation use extreme force to ensure you save the lives of their victims.
The main problem the vaxx regime will find is that "normal life only for the vaxxed" will always be cringe as fuck. You can't make a "cool" culture from subservience or from trusting the soyence, so the gains they'll make will fade quickly.

You can't keep any underground culture alive by asking for government papers. Simple really. Illegal parties where no papers are asked will multiply. Home gyms at Bros' places will thrive, hikes, sports, a whole parallel cooler culture will bloom.

People that support mandatory vaccines in Australia are now posting about how the abortion law in Texas is wrong because it tells women what to do with their body.

@Bro-Drillard @xianc78 @ChristiJunior @rasterman

Two engineers working for a tiny startup called Alpex, Wallace Kirschner and Lawrence Haskel, invented the game cartridge in 1975. Pre-1975 video games were hardwired to play just a single game. Kirschner and Haskel had the idea to store programs on ROM chips. Then they put the chips on circuit boards and put them in plastic project boxes they bought at Radio Shack to protect them.

Alpex couldn’t market their fledgling game console on their own. So they sold the design to electronics maker Fairchild.

Black History Month is officially cancelled!

Unrealistic. A woman having a moment of self-reflection?

I didn't have time today for anything fancy, but today is Celestina and I's 4-Year Anniversary. I hope that with all the negativity going on in the world that you take a moment and appreciate what you have.

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