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2022 is going to make 2021 look like the good old days. Everything is going to happen at once. Russia will invade the Ukraine and at the same time China will invade Taiwan and then we’ll find out Iran has a nuke and North Korea will start lobbing missiles again.

Ukraine? More like YOUkraine. Because it’s not MY problem

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@TheRealist @Ottovonshitpost I don’t think it’s really cognitive dissonance. I like that they are anti-communist but don’t apologize for the USSR because it is part of their people’s history

The people in ads still don’t wear masks

Is @dickmasterson the only libertarian who doesn’t like punk rock?

@graf hopefully another big fat L for the Globalist American Empire

At this point, does it even matter if they were feds or not?

@LouisConde >belongs to Ukraine by international law


@MasterSimper then Wendy Rogers called them feds and so the gab wignats have declared her a traitor to the White race

I don’t have any personal beef with patriot and I’m not gloating about them getting doxxed (if they aren’t feds). I just think they’re a bad strategy and the frequent wignat meltdown over them is ridiculous

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@NEETzsche @colonelj @BigDuck this game PF are playing, it's a ruse in itself. You're gonna march? Uh, okay. There's nothing to it. There's no upside. Every time they run around it looks retarded, and in reality they do nothing but this, this is what they do, go out in public and look retarded. That's why it has to be controlled opposition, there's no difference between the DNC paying Hollywood extras and PF.

So, how do you make that point? The "it's okay to be white" stickers were great because they exploited the Kafkaesque nature of the situation. Meanwhile PF plays 1D tic-tac-toe, which only serves to fuel the people they're supposedly "fight against".
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@NEETzsche @crunklord420 @BigDuck if you asked pf leaders if the holocaust was real they would probably say yes or not give an answer which the trs guys who say is cringe and being cucks since they've decided to die on that hill not to mention that they likely would not call themselves white nationalists given all the mentions of European in their manifesto.

@ChocosLoveMcDonalds Real name, location, height, weight, DoB. Either boomers were right and they were feds or just utter incompetence. Probably both

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I am so sick of the language of therapy being used in every God damn aspect of society. This has to stop.
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