At this point, does it even matter if they were feds or not?

Groypers vindicated once again

(That being said, I don’t wish ill on any of the people doxxed for simply exercising their first ammendment rights)

I love the Left. People will be making jokes about them for decades after they’re overthrown

The religious right was never even half as bad as this

Why would you actually pay the fine? What are they gonna do, arrest a congresswoman for not wearing a mask? Make them do it!

Same people who want to be able to imprison you for calling a man in a dress a man

Funny how some people are still centrists when one side just straight up lies

The real state religion of liberalism and scientism, and its vaccine sacraments, take precedence over peoples novelty religions like Christianity

Imagine being so stupid that to create an imaginary strawman person who is stupider than you, they have to be this cartoonish

We’re gonna be talking about 2014 memes for the rest of our lives

Can someone who is clearly controlled opposition nonetheless be genuinely effective at accomplishing some useful goals? That seems to be the case with Rufo

Maybe man playing at God could be cool in some kind of evil cyberpunk dystopian way, but no instead it has to be gay

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