Radicals of the past become the establishment of tomorrow. Revolutions of the past (ie civil rights) lionized constantly by the media while those of the present are vilified

although he frequently quotes some pretty cringe people, being a leftist and all, there is a lot of useful stuff in here too

In this framework, Biden is the inevitable counterrevolution to Trump

Alinsky on degeneracy and good times creating weak men

Much like the humiliated citizens of the Globalist American Empire

Alinsky explains why conservatives who operate in the leftist moral framework are fools. The moral framework is designed to uphold the status quo. Instead, they have to answer to a high power and affirm a traditional moral framework

The virgin “what if the roles were reversed” versus the chad Indian government outlawing passive resistance

ie a mass movement based around ending vax tyranny or even angry parents at a school board meeting, once mobilised can achieve all sorts of other ends we like.

“A people organized around [any issue] is an organized people on the move!”

You can tell this guy knows what he’s talking about because his predictions came true just a little bit later

Many people accuse Trump (and others) of having an “ego.” They don’t realize that this is, to a certain degree, necessary for victory

Probably everyone here knows this but this stuff is really important for the normie who thought Trump was too mean and “just wants everyone to get along and heal duh division”

You need to join your local gop, even if a lot of them are gonna be cringe. Organize around literally any issue and you have an organization

The Left learned all of these things long ago, when Alinsky was writing them, and they are not things that are exclusive to the Left, so we need to learn from them

Do not be an “enlightened centrist.” Be as zealous as a triggered libtard

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