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Everyone on the internet is my friend :)

I hope one day we have a right wing as based as the gop is in liberal’s imaginations

There’s no way people are this delusional. He’s lying right?

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This is how people who want to win and truly want it act

This is really funny for a number of reasons

1) compare this attitude to the attitude of “they’re a private company, they can do whatever they want!” that not only the right, but now even the left, repeats like it’s in the constitution or something. It wasn’t always like that

2) this guy just makes up that people have “a right to their job” out of fucking nothing and everyone goes along with it because fuck it. Chad 1930s leftist labor leader vs virgin 2021 leftist nwo bootlicker

The problem is if the banks and their large customers are part of the same mafia-like alliance, this will not work. They’ll both team up against and smash the protesters.

Liberalism is what allowed them, acting as independent self-interested agents, to be subverted by Alinsky and his goons

Another tactic that could never work in today’s low trust society. If a bank did this everyone would just shrug their shoulders

Attacking the banks apparently has a long history

We will have to see in the Jan 6 protestors fit this pattern. It may be a case of the establishment being softer to dissidents during Alinskys time, or we may look back on it as he describes here.

But, the Jan 6 protestors are more or less normie republicans. They are sympathetic figures. So, it would be wise to canonize them.

The fact that this type of tactic could never work now illustrates how the modern woke corporation is NOT motivated by profits over ideology. You could NEVER trick Google into supporting a right wing position to spite Apple. Could not happen.

However, I bet you could play one woke group off of another (ie blacks vs trannys) with some amount of success

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The worst part about 2022 almost being here is that soon we’ll have to see a bunch of gay propaganda about “one year after the capitol insurrection”

Rehashing 2016 can get tedious. It sounds like Al Bundy talking about playing football. But it is important to analyze it and figure out why it worked. No need to write it off as simply a fluke, that’s the blackpilled way of looking at things. The establishment is becoming weaker even as it becomes more totalitarian. It is vulnerable to these tactics

Where is the action of the Right in a post-Trump era? It’s gone. This is why things seems dead. It isn’t because we’ve been defeated so much as that the fun is gone. Perhaps this is the purpose of the Covid lockdowns. They are fun killers. But the flipside is that there are more rules to break than ever before. And breaking the rules is always fun

This is the reason why Dick’s biggest problem of “political canonization” exists

Reading this text is also great for understanding the behavior of the Left that at first might seem “crazy” or “contradictory.” It doesn’t have to make sense, it just has to work

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