@AngryHortlerNoises @hereward_silvatici I am a supporter of Patrick Little Agriculture: the system of farming Jews so we can exact revenge on them for what they have done to us through generations, and to do it unselfishly too, so we never run out of farm Jews for our descendants to continue the tradition. However we must solve problems at home first or we risk weak men advocating for the release of the Jew cattle, and we can't have that. I think this is a reasonable approach. :3010:
@AngryHortlerNoises @hereward_silvatici While I empathise with Hadrian's take, he ended up in a middle ground that put us where we are today, with scattered Jews. He should've either kept Jerusalem so they always go back, or chase every last one of them and raze the city like Rome had done with Carthage. I have never had problems with Carthaginians subverting my nation. Now, I'm not against Jews; I just support Jew control. With the proper regulations, we can farm them in a safe environment to slaughter in our festivals for years to come.
@hereward_silvatici This kike is just projecting his butthurt about international despise of israel and their crimes in Gaza sector.
@hereward_silvatici All jews will be enslaved and raped to destruction.
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