@dickmasterson So my new roomie is a confessed Chat Roulette masturbator, wat do?

I just realized something. Didn't Maddox throw a big fit about Trump being a "racist", but then he also claims every rich Mexican in Mexico is in the cartel? What an asshole. Anyway, here's the new bonus episode! patreon.com/TheDickShow

As an obvious man of culture, and with British heritage, I pick and choose good shit from other lands. That's why I now start my mornings listening to hillbilly tunes inspired by true cowboy forefathers like @OxmadLiveStream, dancing a hootanannie jig in between a Russian-recommended kettle bell set and smacking around a bag like a Gyppo bare knuckle boxer. Mother fucker I need some eggs and a gobbie, PRONTO!

YEEEEHAWWWW! Stop horsing around and stampede on in to OxMad's saloon!

Maybe OxMad will rank barnyard animals tonight!


My domain is still hijacked. Stlil waiting on Tucows, Namecheap and Njalla to sort this out. Meanwhile a phisher is still stealing people's cryptocurrency by controlling my site. How many more days will this take?

The domain name system is antiquated and dead. Moving decentralized after this.

Patrick Michael is a true artist in the literal sense. Money means nothing to him unlike you mere mortals, it's about the process maaaaan.

I have confused feelings towards Corinne based on her annoying cunt voice. Should I look up a snap?

EMERGENCY: DO NOT USE LINKS ON dark.fail RIGHT NOW. I am not in control of it!

My domain and Darknetlive were bothtaken over. Transferred to Namecheap without our permission, from Njal.la. I had 2FA enabled on Nja.la. Investigating.

Flabbergasted at all this nonsense over cops shooting dangerous, knife wielding criminals, currently in the act of trying to stab someone.

I have a cop relative who has a medal for bravery for disarming some cunt bare handed, who was trying to slice up his wife. I was pissed at this relative because he didn't shoot the fucker and instead risked his own life for this scumbag's. You never see that in the news, do you? Armchair law enforcers can choke on the biggest cock in the world.

@dickmasterson Any chance of a Straya Road Rage 2.0? Sean was cool and all but I feel I missed out on the full experience 😓

Van life is for soft cocks, any shitbox will do. People are obsessed with planning things.

Pick up trash. Be humble. I'm very baked NGL

I am hoping the next step of operation chaos is brainwashing us to kill all the people who are covid believers and think blm is peaceful

I think it might be.

propose insane ideas that no one would ever agree with

humour them.

backlash ensues

@hansbratwurst fucking retarded, I went from having a successful pub to nothing because of a cold that killed nobody.

and having to file not personal but ltd company bankruptcy because the government paid way less than what that the media reported so it was costing you a ,lot of money each and you had to know when to go, "fuck this, this has cost me 40k i cant keep on doing this"

Lol twitter suspended James Okeefe

guess all the CNN truth upset them.

Have these retards not heard of the streisand effect?

Theyre doing this outside.

I hope this is a joke, because none of the pubs near me are doing it, but I dont live in a woke area, and the past year shows everyone is fully retarded.

I hope all of them die from their vaccines.

We as a society need to work harder to cure autism. Not because I remotely care about them, but because there would be way less freaks like weebs, furries and ladymen, whom I find revolting and intolerable. You cannot deny the clear link between all of this degenerate filth, and it all stems from autism. Perhaps we can harness the power of autism to achieve such an important goal?

Just got a random follow from some sort of furry-troon and have discovered a deep rabbit hole of autism and professional press releases. Very hilarious. Have a look before they block your based fediboi instance, shitlords! wolfhowl.me/naia

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