"Jeez cunts, shame if your Rick and Morty butt plugs and lavender scented beard oil deliveries were late, hey"

"Vaccine hesitant" sure is some faggoty middle manager wordsmithery. I'm not "hesitant", because that would imply that my decision is up for debate.

I wanted to share this yesterday, I don't think I did. Filesize is too big for paypig, apparently.
Footage of Vic police firing rubber bullets into the crowd at yesterday's protests.


More scamdemic lockdown protests are on tomorrow, Saturday the 21st at 12pm:

Adelaide - Rundle Park
Brisbane - Botanic Gardens - Alice St
Darwin - Raintree Park
Melbourne - Corner of Elizabeth St and Bourke St
Perth - Kings Park
Sydney - Victoria Park
Cairns - Muddy's Northside
Townsville - Strand Rockpool

I thought boomers were retards who believed everything they heard, but what this Queen Bella fiasco taught me was that a large portion of people in general are retards who believe everything they hear. This is why fake news is effective, because people still read a headline, accept it as fact, and even if there's video of an event, not bother to even look it up when it sounds fantastical. There's no natural curiosity despite us living in a time when all the world's knowledge is a search away.

Imagine making a museum as a monument to your gay BWC rape fantasies. What kind of fag gets raped anyway, it's really your own fault for not having powerful muscular cheeks to clench until the risk of penile entry subsides

"So a couple weeks ago I called Dan Andrew's office and told them if he didn't open gyms I'd fuck his wife & shit on his face, wasn't expecting this response from the cuckold premier

I will be telling the judge I will not be told by a fat cunt what I can and can't do and Zyzz should be premier"

Lol what a legend, Andrews is a thin-skinned bitch nerd with tits and a big ol' vaginer

The biggest threat is White incel domestic terrorists, we must round them up into camps! Eeeeek! Anyway so there's a bunch of Afghani refugees who are so smart they cling on to C17s like they're Wile E. Coyote, gotta let them pour into the West, I'm sure they'll fit right in and get back to becoming super doctors or whatever, tee hee, we're smart big brains who think 2 steps ahead, tee hee think of the fooooood and enriiiiiichment, tee hee hurrrrrrrrrrr

One lovely doggo is worth more than a hundred bacha bazis

I knew I should have kept a large scrapbook entitled "Times I Was Right" back when I was called names for calling Kony 2012 a scam and not buying the merchandise. Oh, those fond memories of being a cynical dick and getting to use the smug-smirk!

Lifeprotip: when in communist shit holes like Melbourne, just remember that ABNs are free, get processed pretty quickly, and then you are able to write yourself a permit to get around any curfews and travel restrictions. Not that they are actually enforced, just be wary of police in groups as a superior might be with them and they have to "follow orders".

Oh, me? Whatever those "essential industries" are, I'm in one of those.

Get fucked Andrews, you floppy ear bitch.

Another stolen laptop?! Hahaha. I hope no one tells Hunter Biden about Veracrypt. Keep being you, you crazy chad sonnovabitch!

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