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Grass huts don't stop 5.56. Now squeal like pig before I cook you like bacon.

Tôi sẽ biến Mỹ Lai giống như một trò đùa! ha ha ha.

strongest college educated vs weakest Industrial Maintenance Technician

2 school shootings committed by joggers. kinda sus ngl

Trannies on twitter always say "you're so transphobic", Yeah nigga I hate trans people.

From where you're standing it must seem like a sissy hypno type of trolling.
Truth is...the game was rigged from the start.

Fucking hate niggers but I hate Gooks more.

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It's time for some common sense gun control.

I propose compulsory carry.
You have a right to bear arms, but you also have a responsibility to others.
My gun keeps me safe, but it also keeps you safe. If I can't get my gun out in time, maybe you can.
10 people died this week, none of them had guns.
A new stimulus should be passed to make sure everyone has a pistol, holster, and 200 rds of ammunition.
If you're caught not carrying you go straight to jail.
Compulsory Carry do it for grandma.

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As a troll, it's disappointing.
As a glowop, it's fake and gay.
As a human being, it's a waste of cum.

Biggest glownigger on paypig. The feds are still using the most basic bitch images ripped straight from google.

More people die from obesity every day than people saved by speed cameras every year.

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