Way back from gym. Stop off at Korean Street food place. Fat woman is in there pleading with staff to give her a bigger portion because she can't afford to buy more. I leave in disgust having been in there for less than ten seconds.
No dinner for me tonight

Couldn't take the cringe I felt for witnessing fat, dumb & poor up close.

New video about the new Ricky Gervais special Supernature causing hilarious meltdowns already, a few hours after release because of a few trans jokes!

Get ready for a wild ride, boys, its only just beginning.

what if, instead of centralized social networks having to police their own content, users could install third-party content moderation plugins that would effectively give end users choice in what they want to see blocked, and remove the responsibility from the central social media manager.

I must say that native Americans have done well to have the mainstream perceive them to be peace loving mystical tree huggers.

Though this probably wasn't their doing I imagine.

New video about Kamala Harris' profound and moving speech about Children in the community being children in the community. Its so obvious now, thank you Kamala for pointing this out.

Why cant this bitch speak lol

I'll give the fatty credit for a creative math cope.
I still prefer hourglass to cinnabon swirl.

Love that someone told Vito that he couldn't like 3d movies cos he is fat.

Don't need no justification at all to rip on someone's fatness!

New video about yet another instance of the left eating their own, this time its the SFWA losing their minds over a little old lady, author Mercedes Lackey misspeaking and using a term supposedly "racist" and depersoning her!

Its not a cult though youtu.be/ta2gQCnV5oQ

Must be some interesting new slurs to emerge from gays giving each other monkey pox

Though I'm pleased to say I'm getting a mild Pavlovian effect from drinking decaf

Decided to try going caffeine free for a month.

I looked far and wide for a decent decaf coffee and paid a premium for it.
Fuck me, it got no flavor at all!

The entertainment industry sure did put out way better stuff when it was chocked full of nepotism and making female actors suck a Dick to get the part.

Just sayin'

Just saw an ad for Disney land (Paris) that was specifically targeted at adult men (pose with marvel characters!).

Never thought I'd see the day.

Musical chairs really prepares you for life. Pretend you're all having fun but make sure you're not the odd man out no matter the cost.

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