I presume everyone has a favourite brand of toilet paper.

Have black people saved us from vaccine mandates yet?

Unions solve all the problems.

Can you imagine a Domino's Union?

Western Australia gone insane. $20,000 fines for unvaxxed individuals at work, and $100,000 fine for the business.

Lot of conservative pundits talking about the US losing its next war.

Why are they constantly thinking about the US being at war?

New video about Joe Bidens response to China developing space nukes, in a show of strength, he appoints Rachel Levine as the first ever transgender 4 star admiral! Thatll get them to be quiet! youtu.be/lxBdCNY7ktw

"there's nothing inherently wrong with being a cuck"

Will live with us all for the rest of our lives, never forgotten

Just finished this book.

Woman infiltrates men's circles through disguise.

Ends up going insane from the mind blowing truths she learnt (had to go to a psychiatric ward). Also gains a hatred of women as a bonus.

Quite interesting that the Jamaicans worshipped this guy, an emperor.

Ethiopia is one of the main examples of African imperialism. The emperor was loathed by those not of his tribe, yet pan African supporters look to him as a God.


" It has been described by Rightify Ghana as the “most homophobic document the world has ever seen”. "

Them: sorry Dave, you have to get stabbed by a Somali so that we can control speech on the internet.

Dave: what?

Them: Yup

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