US healthcare.

In the US how much less would an insurance company pay for a treatment than you would on your own dime? (%)

Bitcoin needs to be scarce, other digital things do not. Artificial scarcity ain't always helpful.

I understand blockchain. I understand ownership.

Please tell me how one can own Jack Dorsey's first and original tweet?

What makes it the "original" in the same way as artist making a painting is original?

Even though you have a token that supposedly represents the tweet, how is it that you "own" that tweet?

Crypto video game items I get. There are one of a kind virtual items that can't be replicated cos of blockchain and so they are yours.

This tweet thing, what's going on?

Fulfilment in life is not the same as pleasure.

Fulfilment in life derives from suffering.

Pleasure derives from indulging.

- Twitter

Jon McAfee charges by CFTC for pump and dump scheme in crypto sphere.

I hope they don't come after me for all the silver thing I did.

Another great one. Dude Broke his hand but continued for three rounds

@genetic_failure I know a few dudes that have done it. I had an initial consult then bailed.

When I tried to go for it the whole thing felt scammy. I was quoted a minimum 15 treatments @ 500$ per.

Another dude did one shot and bailed, he was quoted 15 additional shots. The single shot yielded no benefit.

I know one dude that claimed it worked, used adjacent to PT, chiro care, and a ton of steroids.

Will this Boomer just stfu already? Yes I'm going to vote for the state to tread all over you. Need that stimmy.

A healthy population is a threat to a sick society. -DK

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