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Description: a woman in a cow costume and huge badonkers, I mean giant honkadonks, really big gonkabonkarooners, just enormous, carries a milk bottle in between the aforementioned boobariños

@harding @gangrenouspenis @alex Been enjoying more of David's books. Just finished Project Democracy. Which is less of a scientific epic and more a personal and passionate retrospective of the Occupy movement and and history and future of anarchist movements with a focus on the US.

All these feminists crying about the poor females in Afghanistan have never mention anything about bacha bazi. And seeing how they react to tranny story hour or jasmine is amazing they love exploitation of boys. I hope taliban livestreams thier roof-tossing.

The ‘Independent’ Report Claiming Uyghur Genocide
👉It was brought to you by a sham university and neocon ideologues lobbying to punish China for U.S. interests, Ajit Singh reports.
👉A careful review of Zenz’s research shows that his assertion of genocide is concocted through fraudulent statistical manipulation, cherry-picking of source material and propagandistic misrepresentations.
👉His widely-cited reports were not published in peer-reviewed journals overseen by academic institutions, but rather, by a D.C.-based CIA cut-out called the Jamestown Foundation and “The Journal of Political Risk,” a publication headed by former NATO and U.S. national security state operatives.
👉As his academic malpractice comes to light, Zenz has faced increasing scrutiny and embarrassment, as evidenced by his threat to take legal action against his scholarly critics.
👉As Washington advances its new Cold War strategy, it has amplified accusations of genocide and other atrocities against the Chinese government, all focused on Beijing’s policy in Xinjiang. To broaden support for the dubious narrative, the U.S. government has turned to a series of pseudo-academic institutions and faux experts to generate seemingly serious and independent studies.
👉Any critical probe of the reams of reports on Xinjiang and the hawkish institutions that publish them will quickly reveal a shabby propaganda campaign dressed up as academic inquiry. Western media’s refusal to look beneath the surface of Washington’s information war against China only highlights its central role in the operation.
#Uyghurs #uyghurgenocide #concentrationcamps #US #hybridwarfare

these motherfuckers want a war with China so bad

the way to stop it is not to futilely question the narrative, nor mention hypocrisy of the warmongers

gotta hop on board, call it a uighur holocaust. that way the israelis will one up them, as there is only one holocaust, you anti-semite. the uighurs are not getting the horrible treatment that the jew got, you anti-semite. it's not even that bad, you anti-semite

cmon oppression olympics, save us from world ending war

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