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Sometimes I feel smart but then I turn around and get surprised that Tucker Carlson’s Jan 6th doco isn’t on YouTube like a tard.

I hope that rapes that go unsolved are referred to in the police station as ‘Cold Cum Files’

The NFL have officially announced that Washington will be re-naming their team:
The Washington All Lives Matters

If you’re on Minds, reply to this with your handle for a folllow.

Alright fuck it add me on Pokémon GO

If you join or return to Pokémon GO using my referral code 72F2DCYWT, you’ll instantly get 100 Poké Balls, be able to earn special bonus items, and more.

The only way Hillary Clinton could comeback and win the presidency in 2024 is if she releases a Netflix comedy special with nothing but Pokémon GO jokes.

Has anyone considered that climate change is caused by the environment putting humans in a self defence situation?

It’s not just a Rittenhouse, it’s a Rittenhome.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Sorry ladies but if your tits aren’t big enough to knock me out then you’re basically a man in a dress.

Deep down I secretly believe that every woman would not only be okay with me groping them in public, but would also thank me after.

I only rape if it’s strictly a self defence situation.

Out of all the retarded shit women are into, True Crime shit is probably the least retarded.

Literally anything is acceptable if your nuts are full.

The only NFT’s I want are some Noice Fat Titties

Has anyone considered that Chris Benoit did what he did in self defence?

All these years speaking Chinese and I never once looked up what ‘ching chong’ actually translates to.

Cheer up, it could always be worse.
You could have no biceps and no case.

You might as well start calling him Kyle Covington CNN ‘cause he’s about to go catholic schoolboy on your ass.

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