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This account has 170 followers and my new account @fortyMcNuggets only has 46. This is unacceptable and there is no excuse for it.

Do the right thing and follow my new account, it's what Jesus would have wanted.

I've moved accounts.

Follow me at @fortyMcNuggets for any future posts.

Seems like we got another one of those classic ‘self defence invasions’ on our hands,

Yeah I like Putin.

Putin my dick in your mouf.

Can someone explain to me why farting when you have diarrhoea isn’t an extreme sport in the X Games yet?

Sometimes I fuck chicks just so I have something new to jerk off to later.

I don’t like to admit when I’m wrong but honestly I thought Sarah Palin would have opened an OnlyFans by now.

Alright I’ve managed to keep my Digimon alive for 4 days now so I’m pretty sure I’m ready to have kids.

Hey cops, what do you get when you cross George Floyd with Covid Lockdowns?

Not a friend in the world, now we ALL hate you.

What’s worse?

If Joe Rogan sold every N-word he has said as an NFT, I’d buy one. Just sayin’.

Okay for real today’s the day I stop living like a total piece of shit.

Hey how’s that “you can’t abort” thing going for you? 🌽

Happy Chinese New Year bois
It’s finally happening
The Year of the Corn 🌽
Suck it fatty
Null won

This shit I’m taking right now is in support of women’s rights everywhere.

How is cutting off the power to my building for 8 hours not enough?

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