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Have you considered not being fat and gay?

Guys I’m gonna do the ‘try not to commit suicide’ challenge.

Wish me luck.

Hey ladies, here’s a pro tip: you’ll never need an abortion if I only cum on your face.

If the Supreme Court overturns the abortion precedent then the name should be changed to Hoe V. Wade

>Frogs turned gay
>Trannies sound like frogs


“Umm, what is ‘things Jews say when they’re jealous of Christian holidays?’”


Kind of impressed that I haven’t seen many Futurama jokes.

How about a wax mandate for all these hairy bitches?

Remember when being outraged over online troll racism was retarded? I member.

Every time people tell me that Jews are white I just agree with them and add that Indian people are the same as African Americans too.

I hope they give that Waukesha SUV the death penalty.

Woody is the Opie of PKA.

Actually no, worse. At least Opie would check out and shut the fuck up.

Women like to pretend they have a bdsm kink until I go buffalo bill and lock them in my basement, then all of a sudden I’m a “monster.”

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