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I really don’t understand how anyone likes the quartering.

A lot of people talk about the downsides of getting older but not one of those people mention 18y/o’s with daddy issues.

Pretty stoked I never joined gab right about now.

I really hope this superstraight thing doesn’t just turn into the next kekistan. Someone tell sargon of applebee’s to keep his fat hands off this one.

People who don’t respect your sexual orientation are denying your identity, which is a form of dehumanisation. People who dehumanise you are not only problematic but they are committing an act of violence against you by perpetuating a society that does not even see you as human. You can always defend yourself from this verbal violence with physical violence, never forget that.

Girls get mad at me when I say they don’t understand comedy but then they turn around and yell at me when I laugh at their queefs during sex. Pick a lane lady.

I’m pretty sure Jason Derulo and DJ Khaled have a contest who can be the more obnoxious douche and say their own name in their songs the most.

okay this superstraight thing is fucking hilarious

If you talk to me in the morning before I’ve jerked off and you get raped then you have to admit it’s a little bit your fault.

Fat chicks in yoga pants should be a hate crime.

I just saw a homeless titty and I don’t know how to feel about it

Hate is a valid emotion. Social media companies dehumanise me every time they don’t let me use slurs.

Make the world a better place and stop singing along to songs in languages you don’t understand. You sound retarded.

Oh sure I get it, all you bitches support the bra burning movement ‘til you catch me in your bedroom.
Fucking hypocrites.

Andrew Cuomo stop giving press conferences like you’re trying to start an asmr YouTube channel. Take the fucking microphone out of your face hole you wet mouthed guinea.

Chicks who get tattoos covered up with huge chunks of solid black would look better if they just cut off the limb.

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