I noticed this rca tablet is about the same size as a pinephone and got carried away making nothing

I mean you could just print a little trim ring adapter plate kind of thing for the pinephone and then be able to use the usb keyboard case for the tablet, right?

#pinephone with a #3dprinted spacer to fit a 7" tablet usb keyboard. It's "done" now with some post print modifications. I'll keep working on the model a bit more and then upload it.

I couldn't manage to reliably interface with the keyboard's pogo pins so I soldered usb wires directly to the pins and hot glued the bundle down. The usb wires plug into a usb2 to usbc adapter, and then it all snaps in the rca #keyboard case frame. If the usbc plug is hot glued in place then the #pinephone can slide in and out of the frame easily with one hand.

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