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Wait until your daughter beats it in a couple minutes, after you spend 10min explaining that it's not a touch screen.
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Twitter as a platform is not going anywhere, because you, as a media figure, are not using any other platform.

the fediverse is there, it's free, and you're not on it.
RIP Twitter!

"Hey bitches, so... today we're gonna be talking about 'bitches who burn my britches' and girl, lemme tell you..."
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lol that's a thumbnail

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Who's gonna tell her that's where big macs come from

When you just trying to drink your juice in the hood of south central but someone being a menace.
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What emotion is this

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Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Cyber Bullying Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha

Vaccine expansion packs... prob come out just like WOW expansions did back in the day.
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Sounds very profitable for Pfizer, doesn't it?

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@CanteringClark the nytimes will run a line on it and not mention the whole 15% lira thing... just “Turkey, for instance, recently banned Bitcoin. It is expected that other nation states will follow due to climate concerns.”

This tweet is 90% joking but 10% wouldn’t be surprised

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Today — Friday April 16, 2021 and every 4/16 in the future shall forever henceforth be known as Day.

Today is the day that Mr. Gill’s $GME call options expire.

He EXERCISED them all.


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@redditinvestors If you still use Robinhood after the $GME debacle, this time it is your fault.

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If you convert to Judaism, Israel will pay you money to move to the country from which my family were ethnically cleansed. We cannot return, because we are not Jewish. What do you call this?

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