Squirting water on journos is violent assault now LOL

@doug >...planning violent assaults
> ...shooting journalists with water guns

@doug it just occurred to me. Actual commies are censored at a rate of nearly 2:1 vs conservatives (per Matt taibbi).
The only commie movements allowed to operate online are controlled (antifa, etc). Looks like someone is starting to clean house ahead of a rebranding effort.
I doubt we'll see any charges filed.

@sloppyhog of Taibbi said that, it might be one of the few things he says that I sort of doubt. Personally I think these things need to be studied with a division of influence.


one category for people unknown with small followings

Another for medium sized

And one for large groups or individuals (heavily influential)

And then compare the rates of banning. I don’t believe that’s been done completely yet

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