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Our rape numbers have fallen dangerously low. It’s time to tear down that wall.

Btw if anyone needs an X570 motherboard I have one brand new. Had to buy a GPU bundle and I don’t need the board. Retail is $199 shipped, I would do $140 shipped. Hmu

Caution: It’s advertised as “Elite Gaming” which may make you racist. I’m not responsible for that

Probably time to drop my Mexican border-crossing pfp and switch it up.

This is important: the “shop online” and “work from home” narrative is an attempt to monetize the dissident.

>oh you hate all of these mandates? Just stay home and fill the coffers of our political allies (Amazon, Netflix, Twitter, Google, et al)

The only way around this is to go on a financial strike. Buy nothing more than necessities.

@doug the absolute cathartic release of violence that is going to be called the second American civil war is going to be a beautiful thing to watch.

Honestly, flying has become such a terrible experience that I just don’t do it anymore. Maybe municipal airports and pilots of small planes will fill gaps in the market. I can’t be the only one sick of flying commercial.

2 yr old asthmatic forced to be masked before plane can depart. Pilot does the social justice move of pointing the attention of the mob in their direction.

Black Republican 45 times more popular than tranny Republican.
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