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Our rape numbers have fallen dangerously low. It’s time to tear down that wall.

He deleted the tweet but here is the creator of The Binding of Issac posting that Chris' art will be included in the game and the art to go with it.

Oh wow, it's like it was an obvious scam only the retarded fell for, huh.

@doug Why are we wasting vaccines on vegans in the first place?

Trying to get media off my phone. It’s totally full

Lol, wot.

Get the vaccine and then Chow down your daily calorie intake in one burger, retards.

@doug They're making a pretty compelling case for defunding the police. If they have enough money to splurge on toy robotic dogs, they need a budget cut or two.

Police stations are going to keep buying these robot dogs just to harass you and keep you away from others. We need a plan.

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