Wall Street has been shorting us all our lives. That's the whole fucking point these dummies don't understand. Every bailout, every entitlement, every printed dollar shat out by the government is a short sale against the worth of the average American man. Go fuck yourselves.

@dickmasterson I would seriously sell my butthole on the street for money to put into game stop right now. I don't give a fuck about being in the green. My target ROI is everyone in Wall street having to work at McDonald's

@dickmasterson "Stop laughing at us ITS NOT FUNNY 😭 " - Wall Street fags

@dickmasterson r/WallStreetBets needs to get federated before they’re destroyed. @greendanger posted there spreading the fedi-gospel, and got his post removed quick.

@AlbionLK @dickmasterson @greendanger They're probably going to quarantine the reddit and kill it for their masters.

@dickmasterson Billionaire investor Chamath Palihapitiya explained today to a hostile CNBC host how Hedge Funds fucked up and Reddit isnt to blame. TL:DR Hedge Funds naked shorted $GME over 138% shorting more shares of STOCK that actually EXSIST saw this a SQUEEZED the short sellers. This is a very IMPORTANT INTERVIEW

@dickmasterson at the end of trading today $GME is still shorted over 130% , contracts on these puts end on FRIDAY. Meaning money mangers and hedge funds have to cover their bets at the close of trading Friday. Thats why is telling people to hold, these Wall Street FUCKS have to PAY OUT the ASS at the end of the WEEK.

@dickmasterson Could be, Im just relaying what I have heard. I am not a financial analyst. FUCK Wall Street

"They are doing this for the money, not for any sense of “justice” against hedge funds or a good chuckle."

This dude is more retarded than we are

@dickmasterson You nailed it, this article's delusional.

"It's so bad for nobodies on the internet to do what big brokers do to nobodies everyday because what happens when a nobody gets hurt?"

We're already past that point and this is a reaction to it. WTF... What happens if a chicken lays an egg you guys?!?!? We might have... *CHICKENS*!!!!

@dickmasterson this is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I hope they burn it all down

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