@dickmasterson do they think Trump got voted out because of Twitter bullying? Are they that retarded?

@NickolasGir @dickmasterson yes they think their dumb twitter memes swayed the election somehow.

Btw here's how Bernie can still win

@dickmasterson "My preferred neolib was elected, America is saved!"

@JonnyRico @dickmasterson even then. She was really just famous for living on Armoured Skeptics dick. Even her nudes were disappointing

@dickmasterson I wonder how many insults she threw at Trump's account over the years?

@dickmasterson they really hate the working class intern running that account.

@dickmasterson Shoe becoming friends with a pedo apologist is one of the more disappointing but I guess not surprising twists of the past story arc.

@dickmasterson theyll eventually make that staffer break character

@dickmasterson the man knows how a record player works...I’m sure he knows social media

@dickmasterson Ever since Armored Skeptic dumped her ass and upgraded to a younger and better model. Shoe has become a real commie CUNT.

@dickmasterson Trump had YouTubers and whatnot come to the White House to address their concerns, and nothing happened. What do these dumbfucks think a person who couldn't care less is going to do for them?

@dickmasterson I miss having a president who would read your shitposts.

@dickmasterson yeh... I think he's pretty open to coming on shows with whoever. Did Tim Pool's show a few months back... In person!

@dickmasterson He's a pretty memey dude. Came from Destiny's community, and now that you've kindled a relationship with him I think you'd probobly feel the same about Vaush as you do Destiny.

If you want sincere suggestions, obviously he's ultra leftist, so you could talk about Trumps legacy/presidency, voter reform, etc.

If you wanna stay away form politics ask him how he's such an absolute chad even with those giant things on his ears.

@SquidTips @dickmasterson Vaush is way worse than Destiny. He is more radical and is totally dishonest all the time.

@me Can you give an example of his radical dishonesty?

@SquidTips his debate with destiny over the BLM riots was packed with lies and underhanded dishonesty. destiny did a pretty good job of calling him out on it.

@me In the context of dicks show, I don't think he's extreme at all.

Plus if you didn't bring on people that openly lie we couldn't hear Chris the Kiwi.

@me @SquidTips I think Destiny is a smart guy. I don’t think Vaush even understands what he’s saying.

@dickmasterson In the same way any internet celeb is to the masses of young, inexperienced, impressionable men that exist in the various recesses of the internet.

You thought Destiny was a lying dummy that didn't know what he was talking about too at first.

@SquidTips where did I call Destiny dumb? I said his method of debate is cancerous and divisive, not dumb.

@dickmasterson Maybe I misinterpreted you disagreeing with him vociferously as you thinking he was incorrect and dumb. Maybe you think he's correct but don't like the 'Debate-Bro' style, thats valid.

Either way, you should take a chance. I'm not sure what you have to lose by offering, and he's got a big audience that you might be able to bring over.

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