New Dick Show!!! I wash my watch, the Federal Reserve buys America, "The Biggest Problem in the Universe" is funded and will return in two weeks, Mersh is on Alex Jones, and Patty C Cups Lashes Out at me and Karl.

It's Trump's birthday today! Celebrate by calling Rosie O'Donnell a big, fat pig.

Oh shit, I finally lost some weight!

Week 9 weigh in, RIGHT NOW at

Sponsored by New Project Brew.


NEW DICK SHOW! Topless Elliot Page means it's the first day of summer, the war on blackface, kid-friendly Pride, lack of bidets, fat brain, how to poop, Seth Rogan on comedy, why fake aliens, and Sean has a blowout. VOTE ON THE PROBLEMS

New Dick Show!! @vitogesualdi reboots The Biggest Problem in the Universe with me, “Buy the Dip”, woke marketing, pronoun resistance, Pokemon card scalpers, semen retention, Jim Henson is unhire-able at his own company, and the Replication Crisis.

Time to saunter down to local watering hole to see if tonight's the night if OxMad will be hazing a tenderfoot.

Come on in and drown your sorrows!!

Lol, here’s how Sean’s hiatus is going so far. In Minecraft.

Loading up on Fentanyl and play money to celebrate tomorrow the way George would have wanted. 😢

Show is at noon PST today. Idk why it was set for 1:10. Sorry!

@yernecer @dickmasterson If we get more of this then god yes. I don't know who's hotter, Taylor or Schzwan?

I'm being told Fuckface Matt deleted the lost episode of The Biggest Problem in the Universe I sent him "as a flex". Wow!


Give me your inventions and problems and clips and shit!!!

A virgin graduates, , six pack Rings, the Cuckold Simulator, people who don’t listen to the experts, the gas shortage, Elon Musk turns heel, women fighting animals, a fat teacher yells at a student, and @SportsbraTaylor reads the news!

The Week 5 Dick Show Weight Loss Contest weigh-in is up!!! I'm going to try to put a leaderboard in today.

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