Modern train robberies, throwing away food, women ruining media, double price chicken wings, homosexual German guides, "psychology books", how to pick a bar, going to Greenland the best way possible, and Maddox’s new video on children

New Biggest Problem is out nowwwwwwwww!!!

Inflation, Forced Diversity in Film, Sour Grapes, Too Long of Media

Lol. Clip about beer in my car from the last episode animated.

NEW DICK SHOW!!! A guy leaves me a passive aggressive review on AirBnb, Ralph and I get ejected from Binion's, a dry t-shirt contest, gambling while infected and drunk, shopping in the Metaverse, putting kids in the trunk, the rise of the "mom bod".

For Federal Agent Appreciation Day (today), I'll be drinking a Ruby Ridge. That's grapefruit juice, two shots of gin, one shot of grenadine, and one shot in the back of the head from an FBI sniper who thinks you're a white supremacist for no reason.


Fake abs, Chosen One COVID, the whole cuck debacle, pronouns in the work emails, and Maddox's Christmas traditions. The last ten minutes of this episode are maybe the hardest I've laughed in five years.

Doing an end of year bonus episode tomorrow at 3PM PST. Gimme your inventions and your problems and your solutions and your CLIPS!!!! Http://


Going Back to Work, Big Shits That Tear Up your Asshole, Blindness, The Movie Theater Experience

How tf is Blindness not winning???

NEW DICK SHOW!!! I get shot in the eye, Mr. Girl calls in about starting a cult and stopping his girlfriend’s HRT, Tariq Nasheed’s Buck Breaking NFTs, Sean throws a snowball at a man’s face, and advice on quitting your job.

NEW DICK SHOW!!! Boobs so big they turn you Italian, Dick Show George Floyd NFTs, fat Beauty and the Beast, Jack Murphy's guide to cuckoldry, a guy with a blood fetish, a fake tomb boy, the new c-word, and my dog starts her period. DOWNLOAD!!!

New Biggest Problem out now! Dead Celebrity Endorsements, Initiating the Conversation, Craigslist Complainers, Kid Christmas Pageants. Download. Vote. Make your entire family listen to it over Christmas.

No one needs to get me anything for Christmas. This is perfect.


A diarrhea cake for dogs, filing false police reports, sliding into Tessa Fowler’s DMs, sleeping in your car, an easy fix for inflation, someone complains about staying poor, kids eating on the ground, and a very fat woman.

New episode of The Biggest Problem in the Universe is up now! The "White Supremacy" Scapegoat, Civil Forfeiture, Unwarranted Self-Importance, and Anti Anti-Israel Boycotts. Vote at

NEW DICK SHOW!!! People trying to be stop signs, pictures of dog poop, COVID: The Cough Variant, Vic Lasagna is kicked from Comic-Con LA, Iron Liz calls in about her comic and Channel Awesome, and the planning for Road Rage: 300 begins.

Do you want to win a @stone_toss Flurk??? I’m doing a contest to give some away. It’s easy. You got two days. You’d be an idiot not to try!!!

BONUS EPISODE records tomorrow at 7:30PM PST. Gimme your inventions and your problems and your BANANDOX CLIPS...IS THERE A SANTADOX or a CHANUKAHDOX THIS YEAR??? Probably not.

NEW DICK SHOW!!! With Nick Rekieta, Ryan Long, Danny Polishchuk, and more! Rittenhouse, my Stone Toss NFT giveaway, due to inflation jokes, pet insurance, crossing state lines, different-sex gay relationships, and women transitioning to fatter women.

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