850 people signed up to the Dick Show Weight Loss Contest for Fat Fucks. Let's get it to 1,000!!!!

I know there are 150 more of you who need to lose 20 pounds before July 4th. I've been to the live shows!!!



The Dick Show Weight Loss Contest for Big Fat Fucks starts TODAY!!!


The weight loss contest can also be a weight gain contest you noodle arm fucks! ITS THE SAME SYSTEM JUST SIGN UP!!!


Get your last meal in, you fat fucks. Dick Show Weight Loss weigh-in starts TOMORROW!!! fat.dick.show

The same people who sell morons lottery tickets are telling morons the vaccine blood clots don’t matter. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT


Both Google and Apple rejected the name of my app THE DICK SHOW even though it's my name!

What should I call the new podcast app?

New Dick Show! Women reacting to animals in war movies, vaccine enthusiasm, a trademark Chauvin shoulder massage, @WomenPostingLs, packing the SCOTUS, 150 million new poor people, CDC vs. Racism, women crying power dynamics, and the Sisyphus voicemail. dick.show/episode-254

Did a lady cop just shoot a guy because she thought her gun was her taser? Hoo boy.

I feel like I shouldn't have to say this, but if you don't want to get doxed, DON'T PUT YOUR REAL NAME IN AT FAT.DICK.SHOW

I just added team support. Go login and edit your profile. See?

I bet it would feel amazing to have Chauvin kneel on your shoulder for nine minutes. Way better than your wife putting in a half-ass job so you don't ask her to do it again.

Defense: "Captain, where would you say Chauvin's knee is?"
Captain: "Hm...I would say it's right in my balls."

Last couple days to KEEP ON CUCKIN!!!

Shirt will be gone forever in a couple days. This is what your stimulus money was for!!!


The penis extension machine, gas weed wackers, The Dick Show Weight Loss Contest for Big Fat Fucks, private national parks, striking teachers, women abdicating responsibility, how to make an imaginary girlfriend, and not being first pick. thedickshow.com/episode-253/

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