@d @Terry I wonder how much more of this we'll see in the coming months/years...


Not many.

There are close to 3 million pregnant women walking around the united states at any given time. The CDC recommends vaccination for pregnant women, so given about half the country is vaccinated, there are at least 1 million women who received the vaccine while pregnant walking around.

If the vaccine were actually harmful to infants, then given how many pregnant women have been vaccinated you'd see a spike in infant mortality rates, not photos of one-off cases where the baby happened to miscarry after she got a vaccine.

@d @Terry

@d @Terry

Is this real? This looks bad enough to be fake.

@docasio @Terry I've seen others as well. Problem is most people speaking out about their issues post vaxxine are silenced by social media.

@d @Terry That is def an issue. But the image is so low quality I doubt the legit-ness of this.

@MartinDeLaToot they do stuff like that for ‘tender memories’ in our hospital. It’s dark but….

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