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Accepting someone’s help and then treating them like this is egregious. It’s unacceptable. We should be circling the wagons on @alex over this bullshit. I sent him $100 this morning. We should all give him a little cash injection. Come on guys.

since @iceloops asked, I took a few days off TempleOSing but before that I was working on parallax backgrounds. It eats a lot of CPU to do all the layers (VMs really don't like the way TempleOS does BIOS VGA graphics or something, they're not optimized for it, especially VirtualBox).
this photograph has the most beautiful composition of all time

@NEETzsche has provided excellent additions to the "Hansybarnsey Fediverse Faggots Block List", updated link is:

Please join the mission to rid our eyeballs of troons and furries and other weird fucks I'd cross the road to avoid

Cryptocurrencies are a threat to big banks.

Cryptocurrencies are a threat to big tech.

Cryptocurrencies are one of the best innovations to ever happen for the average person.

as someone who knows nothing about this so-called european football, I just hope the team with more black people wins
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