> a hacking tool known as Gentoo

no wonder her court defense was ":blobcatgoogly: i'm retarded and nobody would believe anything i said"
Oh my, if the Russians have Gentoo we are really screwed. What if they hack into our nukes? Just when we disconnected them from the phone network...
Please come work for us. We’ll do anything. We’ll give you free parking. We’ll give you 10 percent off in-store purchases. We’ll give you company swag where you can barely see the company logo, so it’s basically just cool free clothes. We will do literally anything to get you to work for us except pay you enough. You want a keg in the break room? You got it. You want your break in the keg room? Okay by us! What do you want? Name it, it’s yours! As long as it’s not a living wage. What about an immediate cash bonus as soon as you start working, to mask the fact that we don’t provide healthcare or enough consistent pay for you to afford rent? Is that something you want? Please say it’s something you want. We will clap for you every time you clock in. We will make you feel guilty every time you clock out. There will be a big group meeting every morning where you and your coworkers go around in a circle and tell each other what a great job you’re all doing. Does that sound like a reasonable replacement for fair monetary compensation? Look: it’s not about the money for us. Never has been! It’s about passion. It’s about community. It’s about teamwork. It’s about making you think it’s not about the money for us, when it’s actually all about the money for us, and specifically not about the money for you. Jobs aren’t for financially sustaining you—they’re for financially sustaining us. So if pay and benefits are what you’re after, you’re not going to find them in this job, or any job. But if a gift card on your birthday with your name spelled wrong that’s only valid for one month in-store is what you’re looking for, then this is the place for you! Oh, and if you get one of your friends to come work here too, we’ll throw in a recruitment bonus! That’s how much we value you! So, please come work for us. We’ll do anything you want—except, of course, pay you enough.
Yes, King Crimson was a band before it was a Jojo stand. Believe it or not!


This is why we do ultrasounds to hand out cute photos of our fetuses rather than MRI.

Just to be clear, we all agree that mongoloid means retard, right?

@alex what a surprise, surely no one could have seen this coming
@crunklord420 Well to be fair, it's not 100% of people that die with an (identified) comorbidity, it's like 98% or something crazy like that, so it's possible.

But yeah it's reddit so it's probably false or exaggerated.
Remember the story of the woman last week that whispered in the ears of patients ready to be intubated as they begged for the vaccine how about "it's too late"? Turns out it's a total fabrication and never happened, she just wanted attention.

Also reminder that George Floyd counts as a Covid death since he died while being positive.
This bullshit has no meaning.
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