New video about the tone deaf retard Nancy Pelosi thanking Goerge Floyd for dying!

WTF are these people thinking, how can you be this tone deaf.

I made a video today that was about the based golden globes guy emailing people about how BLM was a racist hate organization, as it is, then just as I was about to post it, I got wind of the Chauvin verdict, and I was not drunk enough to realise I shouldnt post this right now.

seeing Warksi get yeeted just now makes me happy I did that. Maybe not touch that subject for a while.

George Floyd was going to be an astronaut or a doctor when he grew up and Chauvin stole that from him

goddammit I bought a really expensive router to livestream all the hilarity of the air jordan giveaway now its useless

How can you be guilty of murder and manslaughter at the same time?


So I guess every police officer in minnesota has just quit, who the fuck would do that job now


Why do leftists celebrate Hitlers birthday by smoking weed?

Lol now Joe Biden has decided to get Chauvin out of jail.

The Floyd Festival of shenanigans is gonna be fire!


Good god the hangover from brandy is something else

Noooooo bitcoin is dragging all my Bois down with it

Remember back in the day when South Park wasn't gay?

BREAKING: Trump Bursts Into The Chauvin Trial During the Defense’s Closing Statement, Screaming about “Law & Order” and “The Platinum Plan”

This new router had better arrive before the chauvin acquittal I want to live stream the celebrations

There needs to be another autonomous zone. That'll keep me entertained.

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