Why is conservative twitter so obsessed with Biden going for a day out to the border? So he can stand there and go "yeah that's fucked, see ya"

Why do these weirdos pick their battles so poorly.

I legit can't hold a conversation with someone wearing a mask, I just can't get it out of my head how this person is stupider than a dog, it is impossible to talk to them with that fact in your mind.

And another one!

Good god, the cull is speeding up, this is glorious


I dont think my sides can stay in orbit for this next year or 2, its already getting way too funny


Turning politics into a religion is possibly the greatest gayop of all time


Are you telling me that businesses dont want to swap their perfectly good Internal Combustion engined trucks for a retarded niche product that takes hours to charge and loses half its range in cold weather?

WTF? Who could have possibly seen this coming.

lol this has been trending for 2 days straight and twitter has allowed it

Imagine being so middle class you think protesting can stop ice caps melting

"right no ones listening to the climate emergency scam because its so obviously retarded, what do we do?"

"Indoctrinate the kids, theyre really stupid, theyll believe anything"

Boys, I think women are regretting being so retarded and starting this nonsense now.


Klaus Schwab...you will own nothing and I will be happy

Video everyday this week.

Posting this mainly so I can tell myself I promised to do it. Being a cripple with a fucked leg has lead me to do Jack shit for 3 weeks.

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