New video about the new Ricky Gervais special Supernature causing hilarious meltdowns already, a few hours after release because of a few trans jokes!

Get ready for a wild ride, boys, its only just beginning.

I might do an experiment, send in job applications with a great cv and cover letter with all the correct lies to get an interview as a normal person, then send a retarded version saying im a fat trans lesbian to the same jobs and see which gets the interviews

There's a new Scooby Doo reboot with an Asian Velma, test screenings have rated it poorly, since Velma eats Scooby in the third episode.

New video about Kamala Harris' profound and moving speech about Children in the community being children in the community. Its so obvious now, thank you Kamala for pointing this out.

Why cant this bitch speak lol

New video about yet another instance of the left eating their own, this time its the SFWA losing their minds over a little old lady, author Mercedes Lackey misspeaking and using a term supposedly "racist" and depersoning her!

Its not a cult though

New video about Joe Biden wearing a mask to walk down the stairs of his plane and then immediately taking it off to shake hands with South Koreas leaders!

Masks arent political and theyre not trying to gaslight you though, just trust me bros.

One of the main downsides to making youtube videos is you really start to notice lazy motherfuckers leaving their breathing in between lines in

I noticed something recently. Remember the cooking oil shortage a couple weeks ago? They talk about it on the news, all the stores are out of it, which isn't really how supply chain issues would work, for it to run out instantly.
Now there's plenty in all the shops as soon as they move onto the next talking point, almost like it was faked....

Ngl if fags cause the next lockdown because they couldnt stop fisting each other for 5 minutes, that'll be pretty funny.

Lol Aussiebros elected a self confessed communist

Never could have predicted that the apocalypse would be brought on because gay men were having sex with monkeys

The fucking quartering is copying my video topics lol

New video about Sasha Jane Lowerson, the trans surfer who absolutely dominated and won 2 championships against female competition today, 3 years after she won the same competitions as a man!

This is all TOTALLY and fair, you bigots, you slay queen!!

LMFAO, oops they forgot one important factor when car makers decided every car must be electric

There isnt even enough lithium on earth to even make the 15 million cars a year sold in america, let alone the rest of the world

Why are these people so fucking retarded lol

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