@alex913 How bigoted of her! Does she not know that her husband just wants to live her truth? As a Biden voter, she should understand tolerance and acceptance.

That strategy might work.
> in family court
"Sir, why should you get full custody and keep your money?"

"Your honor, you just misgendered me. I am the the mother."

Rumble is not decentralized. If you back Rumble, you're not breaking the cycle. You're just propping up the next tech tyrant.

fucking kikes man

In ww2 there was a polish man, Stanisław Łopiński, who killed a jew. Jewish professors wrote about how he is murderer etc Poles bad etc.

The jew he killed was a bolshevik who tried to rape his wife.

@sloppyhog I want all the NPCs to get quad-jabbed so their hearts explode.

Only when Twitter is silent because all the users are dead in their sleep will we know the nightmare is over.

@FaustandWolf I support trusting this science. The AI is right

Bullying fixes these problems.
Ass whippings enforce conformity.
Bring back corporal punishment.

watching this tradwife documentary while i have lunch so i will know how to train the e-girl when i save her (i can save her btw) youtube.com/watch?v=o3qPnpwkWe4
"Families who buy electric cars never have to worry about gas prices again"

What do you think electricity and heating in homes is fueled by retard
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