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@PaulSkallas if you mean the getting on your knees and sucking admin and mod dick culture then you're 100% right, I'm not like that.

Just learned what a reply guy is. Sounds pretty cringe.

American Twitter Trends:
"Here's why you need to die"
Japanese Twitter Trends

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And just to clear my name from their malicious accusations. The reason why poastcels were mad at me a month ago was bcs I interrupted their Fuentes hating circlejerk by pointing out their hypocrisy. Even though I am not a supporter or fan of Nick Fuentes. When I realized how dishonest the admin team is over there, based on their reactions, I deleted my account and left. End of story from my perspective. I committed the sin of talking to their royalty like I would talk to everyone else.

It is hilarious that the same people who cry about tyrannical corporations fall over themselves to kiss the boot of a sociopath like graf. Or when they push conformity and submission on their little "non-pc" bubbles. It really is hilarious.

Newsflash: Certain things like keeping your data indefinitely aren't suddenly okay bcs a private instance does them as opposed to a big corporation.

A lot of instances seem to have written Free Speech on their flags, but only a few seem to understand what it means. It should not surprise anyone when "free speech, but only when you agree with us" leads to conflict. But what is the point of speaking to the dead.

The good people of have decided to spread slander about me that could only be described as criminal. This is the extent of their seethe when you disrespect their admin and their jannies. Godspeed poastcels, you need a lot of help.

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@fromsolitude @jew this is hilarious. I managed to make an entire instance full of racist incels mad without even trying. I think this is a win.

The funny thing about poast is while they pretend to be a laissez faire instance where everything (legal) goes, their chief retard and his little cabal go apeshit if you dare to counter signal any of their bs. Pathetic. While I don't gel with people on paypig they actually left me alone when I went out of my way to insult them. Try that on poast and see what happens. Graf's feelings can't handle it.

graf and his army of dicksucking minions. Never seen something as pathetic

@graf how about you delete my account from your instance since I deleted it

One of the biggest Japanese Mastodon instances seems to be dedicated entirely to Ragnarok Online. Curious.

Continuing this thought, perhaps it can offer an alternative to the incel to tranny theory. With women becoming full fledged political persons by manifesting male qualities and acquiring male attributes a shift occurred at some point where women, now part of the game, overtook anatomical men and what was considered the norm was now defined by anatomical women. Thus it only follows that good citizens want to adjust to the new norm and become women themselves.

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a hideki kamiya bot that hates english speakers and blocks anyone who interacts

And with that being said, I haven't seen many Americans who aren't liberals, regardless of what they call themselves. The "only rich, white, reasonable, city-dwellers should be allowed to vote" crowd just misses a form of liberalism that has not advanced its inherent universalism to a wider group yet. The same liberalism defines the progress to citizenship for groups who don't fit this description as becoming more like rich, white, men. Thus we have the masculine woman and the Uncle Tom negro.

Speaking about the classical liberal definition of the political person. Ideas that brought forth such entities as "businesswoman" or "non-white in respectable roles." Because that is an extension of what is actually considered normal. This is the spirit of globalization.

I must say I'm not a big fan of this Liberal Man. Maybe I will strive to be everything that he is not.

Which instances are worth joining? Feel free to suggest some.

The Lion King solved this problem better by introducing Simba as son of the king. It may make sense in the Matrix universe (I don't think so) but it's a weak choice for story telling purposes. "So why is this the hero? Don't know dude, machines randomly selected him." Weak.

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