Unity's new UI building system is actually pretty decent so Censor is back in action baby


The last paragraph here is the biggest kick in the teeth of the whole thing. Satanic shit going on here I have to say!

@Wokeapedia she exclaimed that she thought Kiryu was white because he was so much taller than the other NPCs. This was because I was in the pocket circuit store which is populated by children

I’ll never forget playing Yakuza 0 in my college dorm room when my roommate’s gf walked in. She asked what I was playing and after I described the premise to her she asked “so why are you playing as a white guy then?”

American women are gross I’m going to move to Costa Rica and get a girl there.
>obesity rate in CR is 60%
Well I’m out of ideas

2 years ago a bunch of AAA developers but BLM shit in their games without even thinking about the expectations they set. Seems obvious in retrospect that eventually women would be like "okay it's our turn!"

Why does a cup of produce 3 gallons of piss

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>Open fresh project in Unity
>Do literally nothing other than change game aspect ratio and camera background color
>Hit play kinda for the fuck of it
>Spends the next 3 minutes frozen

Never change, Unity

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They're waterboarding Ralph right now. Metokur watching over Zoom

Why didn't Biden end up packing the court?

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Can't you just punch a pregnant lady's tummy a bunch until you fuck up the baby?

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@Wokeapedia the only thing that will change is people will stop talking about inflation

How much is actually going to change if/when Roe v. Wade gets repealed?

I think maybe 4 states will clamp down on abortion but it's not like they're suddenly going to ban or restrict it where most of the people who are upset live anyway

I don't really care about abortion at all. If you pressed me on it I would tell you it should probably be legal but I just don't care really.

But this is what happens when everyone decides at once that you should be exiled from society by institutions as high up as the government for practicing bodily autonomy. Whoopsie-doozio!

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