I'm going to be the first politician to fuck both Lauren Boebert and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

@coolhandjames I would eat Boebert's ass while titty fucking AoC

>titty fucking AoC

she has too much of an ugly donkey face for that. she's more suited for sucking my cock or rimming my dirty asshole with her spic tongue.

@TouchBalls69 @coolhandjames

@GrungeQueef @TouchBalls69 you cannot deny she has great titties though.

those communist titties are great.

@coolhandjames @GrungeQueef @TouchBalls69 True, but it's like a great big Saint Bernard sized shit
on your favorite pizza.
Are you going to try to eat around it or just avoid it all?

@Monsignor_DickFace @TouchBalls69 @GrungeQueef stop pretending we wouldnt all sit there and nod for a few hours while she talked retarded shit about socialism

Weve all fucked 6/10 university girls like her before, and we will do it again.

@TouchBalls69 @Monsignor_DickFace @GrungeQueef well of course, imagining how offended she would be at you doing that is the biggest turn on.

@Monsignor_DickFace @coolhandjames @TouchBalls69 @GrungeQueef remember the 2 commandments of thirst.
1. Go ugly early.
2. No woman is ugly with your dick in her mouth.

I got midget sex out of my system a while ago, but throwing these 2 around would make for a fun afternoon.

@sloppyhog @Monsignor_DickFace @TouchBalls69 @GrungeQueef shes also not ugly at all, she is hot in a realistic way.

I can shit on her for days on account of her having a womans brain, but shes hot, theres no denying that, come on now, she has an outstanding rack and reasonable face.

@shitpisscum @TouchBalls69 @GrungeQueef im not into feet, but if thats what youre into, theres no shame in it, Id love to fuck her, I fully believe if you dicked her good, you could mould her into being the most insane right wing radical on the planet, shes only a woman after all, so will bow to all the views of the man she is sleeping with immediately

@coolhandjames @shitpisscum @GrungeQueef But be careful. Just as you could dick her into a RWer, so too could she pussy you into a shitlib. That's what happened with her BF, who went from being a Chad to a funko pop man

@GrungeQueef But I wouldn't even see AoC's face because Boebert's ass would be in my face

@TouchBalls69 the only way to make that weirder is getting Marjorie Taylor Greene in on it.

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