I have to go eat some turkey with the family. See you guys in a few days. ❤️

The 5g towers are causing my premature ejaculation. Trust me, woman.

Hearing the black nationalist's rap sheet.

There is no reason to be lenient with violent crimes. I understand that too many people are in jail, but you should let the drug people out and not the cavemen who bonk people.

Fucking retards run the government.

3 white men are killed by a latinx boy

The media calls this a white supremacist attack

A soundcloud rapper drives through a bunch of white people as revenge.

Produced by Larry David

"Why not a Trump Rally?"

It's so unfair that lefties get to fedpost with their real names.

Bro, it's art, bro. It has a deep meaning, bro. Trust me, bro.

The dumbest thing Gavin McInnes has ever said is that women evolved to have boobs because they look like a butt ,thus making males more attracted to them.

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The only problem with the live action Dragon Ball Z movie was the fact that Goku was played by a white actor. Thankfully, the people who made the live action Cowboy Bebop fixed that problem. I'm looking forward to taking my anti depressants, ordering a 5000 calorie meal, and binge watching the live adaptation of one of my favorite anime

Life is so good. I bought the crypto dip an hour ago, and as soon as I did it started going up.

I just want to thank God for all the blessings he has given me and my friends.

I'm horny. I can't decide if I want to have sex with the skinny blonde with the C cups or if I want the thicc latina with the hook nose and mole.

Me using my white privilege on the jury after I was charged with killing several blacks and women in 2004.

I make things abundantly clear

You make things abundantly queer

Coach Greg is a fucking moron. How could he not know about DHT and the lack of 5-alpha reductase in Asian men? It's not unheard of to see super high testosterone levels in Asian men. If western men nuke their DHT, they will see the same spike in testosterone. I'm tempted to unsubscribe


Breaking: Tom Brady has called Kyle Rittenhouse to congratulate him on his legal victory.

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@TouchBalls69 Kyle is God and the Jewish people (lawyers) are his Heavenly Host.

The DA's are the fallen Jews.
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