Hopefully someday there will be a comedian who steals jokes and openly admits it. Imagine a jacked Chad getting up there and ripping off some nerds set right in front of him. So awesome

God, Louder with Crowder fucking sucks. He's such a try hard. Just do the fucking news, asshole. You don't need 12 jokes for every news story.

They can't follow this simply syllogism. They reject it immediately

Vaccines prior to 2001 contained thimerosal

Thimerosal contained mercury

Mercury is a heavy metal

Mercury can't leave the cell unless bound by certain enzymes

Some people don't have genes that code for those enzymes

The people who lack those genes are more susceptible to mercury toxicity

Mercury toxicity causes developmental disorders

The dumb nurse who gives out the vaccine isn't taking your genome into consideration

Women will be like "Oh! you're a serial killer? That's awesome! Strangle me, please. Grrrghhhaaa! I can't breathe! Wait. Did you just cum in your pants? Uhhh, I'm leaving"

"Monkey pox". Science is so racist. Just say "African American Pox".

Nice women can all go to hell. Just say "no", you fucking cunt.

I don't care if there are hundreds of exploits in the system. I want Windows XP back. I'm playing minesweeper, and I'm using Internet Explorer.

Stick a dick in her, Amber Heard is done.

America's greatest ally supported the Iraq invasion

America's greatest enemy opposed it

Suffice it to say
Sufficive to say
Suffice if to say

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