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i wonder if people pay attn to what i post here lmao

@TheRalphRetort "I can't take part in your show if you keep having digi-person on because I can't be associated with pedophila... By the way have you heard my theory on the downfall of American society?"

I can't understand why this guy keeps getting demonetized!

Two new bonus episodes tomorrow. Rand and I watch Demolition Man, and Gator+Pantsu join me on Kamikaze to watch the original Evangelion. Big Sunday!

This is shameful. Bonus episode uploading in an hour or two!

I had to add the bootleg BLUE CHECK because I feel naked without it! How does the server work btw? Is it connected to this? I signed up for paypig first lol, idk if I should get Dick to transfer me over.

In honor of @TheRalphRetort ’s drive for 1,000 followers...

Who would you rather meet: Adolph Hitler or Prince?

Also, where the fuck is the trending list...all I see is hookers for some reason

If enough people follow me I might drop the hundreds of hours of off air audio I recorded of @TheRalphRetort

Ding ding ding ding, the tell tale heart finally admits what he wants: Boot Rand because he made you look like a fucking retard. Drink bleach vito.

Ok I'm being told that there is no fucking quote tweet. Fuck lol.

How tf do I quote tweet...err toot

@TheRalphRetort Shows have been really good lately, man. I like the stuff you and your cohosts are doing on trovo. It's good to have you unfettered by platform rules that don't let you do your thing.

You guys are at your peak when you can just roll on a subject, and I get that there are still some rules.

Honestly this is the third new platform you have brought a real audience with numbers to. That's an accomplishment.
@TheRalphRetort The other day, Kyler was flipping out at realising he never saw you excuse yourself for a bathroom break during the Killstream. Andy explained you use an expertly operated system of sound-dampening buckets. Can you confirm or deny Mr. Warski's allegation? :alexjoneswarface2:

How's it going over here in the ghetto? I'm from Memphis so I feel right at home.

Dick was onto something with Dingo lmao

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