@RedRocket69 Anyway, it's been real. Tired of interacting with someone on a level they don't deserve. Your smug dumbshit and Moon defense..."just don't read the people who plot second by second to fuck with your life." Lol retarded. Go help them try to hack into my website again or something. At least earn the content.

Our correspondence has come to it's natural conclusion.

@RedRocket69 you mean the child pornographer who runs the site? The guy who has made up lies about everyone I know, including myself? The dude who stabbed me in the back and used his website in 1.5 year grudge match? Yea nah, he can burn in hell as well.

@RedRocket69 It was more of a point about...just what do these idiots think? I actually hate most bc I've seen what they've said about me, the absolute lies, the attacks on my friends and family. People like that deserve to die and burn in hell, in my book. MY book, mind you. I can see why YOU wouldn't care.

Why would I feel any other way? The only counterargument is ignore and I'm not gonna ignore organized libel and lies. Don't have it in me and never have. So loud fight it is

@RedRocket69 people who despise me. It's not poking fun. It's not "banter." The Gator example is banter. Idk if this makes sense at all to you, but it does to me. Yours is not the very best example, cause calling me Gunt is pretty mild over there lol. But still. It's disrespect and I was raised not to accept that.

Oh and I make fun of myself all the time. Literally one of the main staples of my show. So when I see that talking point (separate but related) I know it's BS.

@RedRocket69 See, now this might not make sense, but I'm hoping it does...

If Gator called me Gunt or made a joke about me being fat or whatever, or hit on some other stuff, like legal shit or whatever...I know where that's coming from. It's Gator, fucking around. Same could be said for Bibble. Both these guys joke around with me all the time in this way.

When it's done in don't of a crowd of people who hate me it's not the same. It's a guy posturing for...1/2

@RedRocket69 @bucadibeppo I deal with people how they deal with me. I see you yucking it up for bullshit upvotes on Reddit Farms, on a point I know to be false...& taking shots, gunt this gunt that. Bitch you can suck my dick lol. Me and you aren't friends and even if we were, I wouldn't accept talk like that as "cool." People speak to me the way irl? We're fighting. Win or lose idgaf. Cause it's abt not being a bitch

The shutins on KF can't understand that mentality.

@RedRocket69 @bucadibeppo I just don't see a real justification for it. I can't go into the details of the case and what's alleged, but that sort of punishment doesn't fit imo. But yea they definitely will bleed you. Tends to be more upstate tho.

I had to do a breathalyzer 5 times a day and lay 300 a month while on bail in Loudoun, which was garbage. 3k for the 10 months I was on bail. But that's also bail and also Loudoun. I wouldn't put ANYTHING past them.

@RedRocket69 @bucadibeppo as for the CPS stuff, that's also retarded and basically playing into their bullshit fanfiction.

It's not illegal to drink. It's not illegal to smoke weed. They don't take your kids away over that. I'm not worried in the slightest about CPS.

All these fucking losers talk about how hard it is to raise a kid. Not really. Sure, can be tough. But it's all a bunch of bullshit to make their own life seem impressive. Like they DID something.

@RedRocket69 @bucadibeppo Funny is definitely arguable. Point is the judge CAN do a lot of shit that they never do. I was on FELONY probation and didn't have the restrictions you suggest. In a fucking crime-ridden city like Richmond, is borderline absurd to suggest they would put those kinds of restrictions on a misdemeanor probation.

Doesn't matter. It'll be settled soon one way or the other.

@RedRocket69 @bucadibeppo oh and why am I tripping? Because you're yet another mfer who has a big head for no reason. You don't know what you're talking about. And you're basically threatening my child's safety with CPS garbage.

Know what I think about that? Nothing. Spergs have been calling in bullshit on me and others for years. People with kids, too. Who gives a fuck. I get paid to watch YouTube videos. Even trade. Also spergs only ever discredit themselves w/that

@RedRocket69 @bucadibeppo The whole reason I ever got into this fucked up system in the first place is the bullshit weed laws. I'd never go back to not smoking when I want. If I stop it's cause of me, not them.

This is a fantasy anyway cause it's not gonna be ordered in the first place and I wouldn't accept a deal where it was.

And you are moving the goalposts after getting busted quoting an article based on old laws.

@RedRocket69 @bucadibeppo never would happen in Richmond VA without a massive and current wrap sheet with alcohol crimes. You don't know what yorjw talking about lol. Murder is at a 17 year high in the city. That's just not gonna happen.

Nevermind the fact that I would never accept terms like that in the first place. I'd much rather serve whatever measly time on offer. I refuse to ever go back to bowing down on weed. I'd rather be put to death.

@RedRocket69 @bucadibeppo I'm not apologizing for shit. You're an idiot who quoted an out of date article that says weed is illegal in Virginia. If I'm on probation I'll be able to drink and smoke at will, just like I did last year. I just got off probation in February, you imbecile.

And nah I'm gonna block you again after. I just want to see if you have the honestly to admit you are insanely wrong about your claims.

@RedRocket69 are you really still going with "I'm still right" even when I was on probation for years and legally got drunk whenever I wanted? You're discounting that I personally pissed dirty last fall for marijuana and was told it didn't matter anymore?

You little fucking spergs don't have 3 brain cells between you. The article you linked talks about weed being illegal in Virginia. Only problem with that? It was legalized in 2020.

You quoted old shit, moron.

Ready to retract?

@RedRocket69 oh I'm just now reading the rest. You real got a huge head off one interaction where I was nice and didn't tell you to kill yourself. Now you've ruined that original halfway decent opinion of you with garbage misinformation.

Btw I talked about failing that weed test on the show. It's still up on podcast and probably bitchute. Now I'll block you. You've more than proven you aren't worth interacting with after your legal advisor dumb shit. I have actual lawyers lol.

@RedRocket69 I'm really having a hard time understanding how you could believe this. Whatever podunk town you live and work in a pig probation officer is not how it works in the bigger cities. They literally couldn't keep that many people in jail in Richmond lmao.

@RedRocket69 I was wrong to give you too much credit last time!

You think people on probation in Richmond Virginia can't drink and smoke weed lol. The drinking part is one of the dumbest things I've ever read there. The smoking part I know for a fact is untrue, cause I failed a test in Oct 2020 for weed. Was told flat out they only care about illegal drugs now.

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