She legitimately HAS TO BE the dumbest bitch on the World Wide Web.

There was no "gay op." I had him back on the show after your drunken boss ruined his episode last month. He said nothing last night that he hasn't said before on that same show, years ago. Oh but I forgot, it's only ok for Rand to shit on HIS enemies on the Killstream. No one else can do it.

I didn't stop Enoch and the rest from coming on my show. They chose that. Just a fact. I'd be more than happy to have them back.

This particularly obsessive fat bitch has created an entire fake backstory for my Mother on Fanfic Farms. It’s kinda amazing.

My Mom had an MBA from Arkansas State & worked for almost 40 years at the top of her profession as a highly respected auditor. We weren’t on welfare at all. My grandparents were wealthy. I have own land in another state. Two states, actually.

This headcase literally just made up a backstory out of thin air.

I can't understand why this guy keeps getting demonetized!

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