@RedRocket69 @bucadibeppo never would happen in Richmond VA without a massive and current wrap sheet with alcohol crimes. You don't know what yorjw talking about lol. Murder is at a 17 year high in the city. That's just not gonna happen.

Nevermind the fact that I would never accept terms like that in the first place. I'd much rather serve whatever measly time on offer. I refuse to ever go back to bowing down on weed. I'd rather be put to death.

@RedRocket69 @bucadibeppo The whole reason I ever got into this fucked up system in the first place is the bullshit weed laws. I'd never go back to not smoking when I want. If I stop it's cause of me, not them.

This is a fantasy anyway cause it's not gonna be ordered in the first place and I wouldn't accept a deal where it was.

And you are moving the goalposts after getting busted quoting an article based on old laws.

@RedRocket69 @bucadibeppo oh and why am I tripping? Because you're yet another mfer who has a big head for no reason. You don't know what you're talking about. And you're basically threatening my child's safety with CPS garbage.

Know what I think about that? Nothing. Spergs have been calling in bullshit on me and others for years. People with kids, too. Who gives a fuck. I get paid to watch YouTube videos. Even trade. Also spergs only ever discredit themselves w/that

@TheRalphRetort @RedRocket69 @bucadibeppo you threatened my family with CPS ralph. Deal with it pussy
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