@RedRocket69 incorrect, moron. I've been on probation in Richmond before, since they legalized weed. I just got off it this year.

You CAN smoke weed and drink on probation in Richmond, Virginia. I pissed dirty for weed after legalization and they told me that flat out.

You're wrong. On all counts lol. Where did you get that absolute garbage from? I could drink the entire time on probation and I was arrested while blackout drunk on the original crime hahaha. Talk what you know!

@RedRocket69 I was wrong to give you too much credit last time!

You think people on probation in Richmond Virginia can't drink and smoke weed lol. The drinking part is one of the dumbest things I've ever read there. The smoking part I know for a fact is untrue, cause I failed a test in Oct 2020 for weed. Was told flat out they only care about illegal drugs now.

@RedRocket69 I'm really having a hard time understanding how you could believe this. Whatever podunk town you live and work in a pig probation officer is not how it works in the bigger cities. They literally couldn't keep that many people in jail in Richmond lmao.


@RedRocket69 oh I'm just now reading the rest. You real got a huge head off one interaction where I was nice and didn't tell you to kill yourself. Now you've ruined that original halfway decent opinion of you with garbage misinformation.

Btw I talked about failing that weed test on the show. It's still up on podcast and probably bitchute. Now I'll block you. You've more than proven you aren't worth interacting with after your legal advisor dumb shit. I have actual lawyers lol.

@TheRalphRetort This was an absolute treat to wake up to Ethan. You're the best
@RedRocket69 @TheRalphRetort Holy fuck he sperged like a maniac. Instead if enjoying his time in Vegas he’s posting seethepost after seethepost. Very classic Ralph. I’m gonna miss him when he’s gone to prison.

@RedRocket69 are you really still going with "I'm still right" even when I was on probation for years and legally got drunk whenever I wanted? You're discounting that I personally pissed dirty last fall for marijuana and was told it didn't matter anymore?

You little fucking spergs don't have 3 brain cells between you. The article you linked talks about weed being illegal in Virginia. Only problem with that? It was legalized in 2020.

You quoted old shit, moron.

Ready to retract?

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