I can't understand why this guy keeps getting demonetized!

@TheRalphRetort "I can't take part in your show if you keep having digi-person on because I can't be associated with pedophila... By the way have you heard my theory on the downfall of American society?"

Eh, but who is perpetuating nigger culture?

Starts with a J and ends with Jews.

@TheRalphRetort as the Doobie Brothers said, niggers are just alright by me.

@IanCho @guitaranthony @TheRalphRetort Smoking while filling gas. His problem is not niggers, its that he is a dumb as a box of rocks.
@TheRalphRetort it's pretty sus that you always have this guy's dick on your mind.

Inb4 "bEtTeR tHaN iN Ur MoUth!!1!"
@TheRalphRetort go suck your tranny fiances cock you fucking faggunt
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